Popular, but not drinkable

Popular, but not drinkable

There are unknown series that rise dazzlingly in the Netflix audience lists and that leave deep lines of questioning on our foreheads, which are less and less smooth.

But why have I never heard of this show, which is apparently breaking viewing records around the world?

welcome to eden (welcome to eden), a Spanish television series aimed at cool and modern “youngsters”, I, falls into this general category. It is an unequal mix of nine perfect strangers, Euphoria with a very low budget yellow jackets without the appearance bloody. And that’s bad weird. Oh.

Don’t mess around with this cheap dystopia, even though its premise screams: It sure sucks, but I’m still going to throw away all eight hour-long episodes in a semi-comatose state in front of the TV. Resist!

Inside welcome to eden, an obscure company recruits 100 20-somethings on Instagram for a decadent private party they throw on a strangely deserted island paradise. A kind of secret Osheaga, destined to promote a new energy drink, the aptly named Eden Blue, with hypnotic powers.

It is good for now. But wait, the plot thickens uncomfortably. The promoters of party a new age cult also explodes on this abandoned island cut off from the world. Wow! Therefore, the party only serves to recruit (and drug!) members, meticulously chosen for their vulnerability.

Obviously, this bizarre and self-sufficient sect transmits idyllic values ​​and promotes healthy lifestyles. It’s a trap, a lure! The gurus do not hesitate to liquidate the faithful who stray from the right path. Yes, it’s a cliché and so we agreed. Farewell.


Sean Penn and Julia Roberts star in the series gas lightwhich examines the Watergate scandal from the perspective of Attorney General John Mitchell and his wife Martha Mitchell.

A series that is much more worth watching is gas light from the Crave platform with the Starz option. Offered only in English, alas, this historical miniseries features two actors at the peak of their careers, Julia Roberts and Sean Penn (unrecognizable under a pound of facial prosthetics).

gas light looks at the Watergate scandal from the point of view of bubbly Martha Mitchell (the amazing Julia Roberts), wife of Attorney General John Mitchell (the excellent Sean Penn), an influential man who also chairs President Richard Nixon’s re-election committee.

Lively and fashionable, socialite Martha Mitchell likes to talk, especially with journalists. In Washington, gossips call it the “Mouth of the South.” The mouth of the South-she grew up in Arkansas- she never closes.

Martha Mitchell opposes the Vietnam War, criticizes President Nixon’s decisions, and hates moving in the shadow of the first lady. Ultimately, the Republicans in power fight to silence her, even drugging her and holding her prisoner against her will.

There is a very burlesque side to gas lightespecially in the very amateurish (and very funny) spy section, but also when the character of consultant John Dean (Dan Stevens, seen in downton abbey) arrives with all its clumsiness. The tone deftly dances between gritty comedy and dark thriller.

The heart of this series, which beats in 1972, is still Martha Mitchell, a complex woman whom we wanted to portray as crazy, hysterical, who nevertheless had her whole head…and her contacts!

Changebut change Same !

The last two weeks have been “hot” in the island of love in VAT. Some will even say that it was a “hot potato” for the islanders involved in the internetgate, which allowed Kharl, Jacob and Mathieu to exchange, for three weeks, with their loved ones touching a cell phone forgotten by the production.

It took gigantic jaws of life to extract the truth from Kharl’s mouth (and his steel wool on his chin). Honestly, if he hadn’t packed his own bag for the next OWG flight, Kharl would have had to be kicked off reality TV.

To paraphrase his sweet Amélie, “it’s so awkward,” this hoax. At least the contestants’ digital indiscretions have shaped some crisp television moments.

And poor Derek! He’s not tempted to be handsome anymore, okay? “That’s enough, ch’tanné,” stammered the Quebec plumbing contractor with all the enthusiasm and eloquence we know him from. It’s just that the hot new singles got into his head, good old Derek. He was even pushed to the darkest limits of himself: “He’s never thought that much,” Derek bravely admitted after a while. party olé olé sprinkled with Beach Day Every Day.

Alternating between demonic laughter and uncontrollable tears, Audrey felt the need to “be true to herself.” You see, after Bianca, Amanda, Roxanne and now Angélie, William has change once too much for Audrey’s little heart, the fifth wheel of this great chariot of love.

William’s response to this grave accusation of change girls as often as you change your underwear? ” I am going change how many times does it take,” answered Will with the wisdom of his 21 years. It is 100% clear, Live the.

Still under the scorching sun of the Dominican Republic, Alexandra’s melatonins have really kick and camille did not want ghost Jacob who wondered who got it snitch to Bianca, the queen of iced coffee. In Las Terrenas as in war, come, Mehdi, vici!

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