Canadian Championship |  Sunusi Ibrahim leads CF Montreal to the semi-finals

Canadian Championship | Sunusi Ibrahim leads CF Montreal to the semi-finals

We were expecting the Choinière Bowl. We were treated to the explosion of Sunusi Ibrahim.

The young Nigerian scored a hat-trick on Wednesday night at Saputo Stadium to help CF Montreal beat Forge FC 3-0. The meeting took place in the framework of the quarterfinals of the Canadian Championship. Thus, Bleu-et-noir advances to the semi-finals of this competition, eventually qualifying for the Champions League. Now they will face Toronto FC, in the Canadian metropolis, between June 21 and 23.

“I think this is just the beginning,” Ibrahim said of his post-match performance. He had an embarrassed smile. “I hope the goals keep coming. »

The result of Wednesday’s match, in which the Mathieu brothers and David Choinière also met, was not in doubt for long. Wilfried Nancy’s team set the pace for the Canadian Premier League (PLC) club from start to finish.


Mathieu and David Choiniere

“Everyone did their part,” the CF Montreal manager commented after the game.

And this, despite a large turnover in the workforce. Djordje Mihailovic, Romell Quioto, Victor Wanyama, and Joaquín Torres have not set foot on the pitch, most of them not even in the lineup.

“I’m not surprised,” Nancy added. She reinforces the way the boy’s train. The players push each other. Today, thanks to that, we got to see a team that hadn’t played together often. But in training, they play together because I like to mix. The concepts were there. »

“The Worst Half of the Story” by the Forge

Montreal’s dominance materialized quickly. since 14Y Minute, during a sequence typical of the style of play espoused by Nancy, defenseman Joel Waterman found the gap in the first screen of the Forge. He sent the ball to Matko Miljevic in the middle. The latter did the same quickly serving Sunusi Ibrahim ahead. Two good passes, then Ibrahim hit the target with his right foot in the area.


The showers were mistakenly activated during the match.

at 22YIbrahim did it again. Again after a quick execution by the Bleu-et-noir. The striker received a perfect pass from Kei Kamara after a fine exchange of triangles with Miljevic; 2-0 CFM, and he wasn’t going to look back.

“We played the worst half of football in our history,” Forge FC head coach Bobby Smyrniotis told the media. You can’t start these games and not have the necessary energy.

“Everything was going well in terms of our preparation. We talk about our tactics. But we didn’t run them in the first half. »

David Choinière, ex-Impact, had a hard time explaining his team’s disappointment. “I think we had a game plan. We try to run it. But it didn’t work at all. »

“I knew it was coming”

On the local side, everything was going like clockwork. So Ibrahim had already started thinking about his hat-trick.

“After scoring the second, James Pantemis came to see me in the locker room,” says the 19-year-old striker. He told me that he was going to score the third. He knew he would come. »


Zoran Bassong and Robert Thorkelson

Precisely, Sunusi crowned his beautiful evening of work at the 49Y. On a free kick taken by Matko Miljevic, again, the striker won with a header into the box. Three to zero. Three goals from Sunusi. Three assists from Miljevic.

After several starts last season, Ibrahim hasn’t had a chance to prove himself very often in 2022. He hopes this performance will earn him a place in the lineup. But in the meantime, he enjoys the encouragement and advice of his peers. Starting with those of the veteran Kei Kamara.

“When Kei arrived, I was very happy,” he recalls. I learned a lot. After training, he told me to do this, do that. […] It gave me motivation and courage. »

Nancy spoke of a “successful match” after the match.

“The collective performance was super interesting from start to finish,” he said. Even in the moments when there were difficulties, the players mastered it well. »

Choiniere versus Choiniere

For the record, it was the first time that Mathieu and David Choinière faced each other. When CFM faced Forge in 2021 in the same competition, neither had made the starting lineup.

“When I play, I don’t think about my brother,” David said. I try to find a way to score a goal or find a solution to break Montreal. »

Bobby Smyrniotis spoke of a “beautiful story”.

“I saw his mother before the game. She was excited. It is special that two boys are born on the same day, two years apart.

“In the end, the winners are the father, the mother, and the whole family. »

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