The Rocket and CF Montreal on their respective aces (but not Avalanche)

The Rocket and CF Montreal on their respective aces (but not Avalanche)

We were treated to a whole Wednesday afternoon of sports. He didn’t always know where to go and he didn’t get much sleep. This is the story of my month of May, which…

First, CF Montreal beat Hamilton Forge 3-0 at Stade Saputo. We were invited to a one-sided match between Club B of an MLS team (Impact) and Club A of a CPL team (Forge). All statistics it was for the benefit of CF Montreal.

We will especially remember…

1. All three goals from Sunusi Ibrahim, who was substituted in the 62nd minute. Would you have scored a fourth (and a fifth) if the game had ended?

Note that I’m not so crazy about Ibrahim’s celebration after his goals (prayer and spike on the ground).

two. The duel of the Choinière brothers did not coincide much on the ground. Mathieu (Impact) played in the middle and David (Forge), in a corridor. Mathieu went out to 62 and David, in the 82. Several friends and members of the Choinière family were at the stadium to cheer on the two brothers.

3. The excellent second part of Aboubcar Sissoko (Forge). Sissoko, a former Montreal Carabins, switched from fullback to midfielder after the half. He was able to annoy the CF Montreal defense at times.

Four. The sprinklers began to water part of the Stade Saputo pitched in full play in the second half. It was something.

5. There were no spectators in the stadium. Several concessions were closed and TVA Sports was not on-site (UnSoccer). Too bad a Canadian championship game played during the week is somewhat abandoned by the amateurs and the media…

Note that the match was broadcast on the 91.9 Sports app and website, but not on their FM airwaves. #Rocket

6. I had the opportunity to meet Djordje Mihailovic before the meeting with my son. He agreed to take a photo with Ti-Max even saying a few words to him in French. #Class

7. CF Montreal will now continue its course in the Canadian championship on June 20 in Toronto. That promises!

The Rocket in the four aces

Les hommes de Jean-François Houle ne l’ont pas eu facile hier soir à Rochester, mais ils ont trouvé une façon de l’importer (6 a 5 en troisième période de prolongation) pour balayer les Americans et ainsi s’acheter une place in the latest oven (or the four aces, for the more puritanical).

We will especially remember…

1. After one period of play, the Rocket trailed 0-2, but scoring four goals in the second allowed him to regain the 4 – 2 lead. Americas however, he scored three unanswered goals in the third, before seeing Jesse Ylonen equalize with just 67 seconds to go. Finally, it was JS Dea who closed the debate in the 102nd minute of the game to eliminate his former team and propel the Rocket one more round. Dea (two goals and one assist) was named the first star of the match.

two. The Rocket outshot 60-39.

3. Cayden Primeau wasn’t great last night (34 saves on 39 shots), but the team in front of him picked up the slack. This is how it should work!

Four. Dammit, it’s great to see so many Quebecers enjoying success together.

5. There were several posts during the meeting, which I saw through the feeding from RDS.cabut with audio from 91.9 Sports. I could have finished from 8 to 7, like…

6. Anthony Marcotte did not lose his voice last night, despite the flurry of goals he had to describe and the late hour in which the evening ended.

7. Alex Belzile indulged in a slap-shot-worthy retort when he returned to the locker room after the match.

The Rocket will now cross swords with the winner of the series. Charlotte Ladies – Springfield Thunderbirds at the end of Eastern Conference. Springfield (club affiliated with the St. Louis Blues) currently leads the series 2-0. In the West, the Chicago Wolves lead 2-1 against the Milwaukee Admirals and the Stockton Heat lead 2-0 against the Colorado Eagles.

Note that the last two rounds will be played through four of seven in the American League. The next series of The Rocket is scheduled to start next week, with tickets going on sale in the next few hours.

Place Bell will be excited for the team’s upcoming games at Laval.

Avalanche squanders a three-goal lead

Everything started well for the Avalanche, who had the opportunity – in front of their fans – to eliminate the Blues. At 25 minutes it was 3-0 in favor of the locals. The Avalanche were in perfect control of the situation…

But the Blues managed Come up again than in 3 – 3, before seeing Nathan MacKinnon get angry and register THE playoff goal so far. It was his third in the afternoon.

But the Blues still found a way to create equality (Robert Thomas goal)… before winning in extra time to a Tyler Bozak goal. So there will be a sixth has game tomorrow night in St-Louis. Let’s hope we’re entitled to some serious hockey…and no overflow regarding Nazem Kadri.

Please note that a fan of the Avalanche had printed hundreds of banners in support of Kadri last night, while various supporters had designed colorful banners to show their support for Avalanche’s advance. promotions.

Artturi Lehkonen (an assist, plus-1, two hits, and a shot on goal) played a good game. He did remarkably well when he was employed alongside Nathan MacKinnon.

In the bottom of the third, as the Avalanche tried to protect their one-goal lead, Lehkonen, MacKinnon, and Landeskog found themselves on the ice together. Jared Bednar then recalled Lehkonen to the bench to replace him with Mikko Rantanen. You know the rest…

Why not leave Lehkonen, a player known for his attacking game, on the ice at the end of the third?


– Our new Montreal basketball team played their first game last night. Unfortunately, she suffered defeat.

– Genève-Servette HC will not be easy to beat next season in Switzerland.

– There will be several matches to watch today in Finland. #World Cups #Quarterfinals

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