Repechage: This is how the conclusion of the Battle of Alberta affects Canadians

Repechage: This is how the conclusion of the Battle of Alberta affects Canadians

Heading into the next two drafts, the Canadian has amassed several options through various trades. Of all, this year, Kent Hughes sent Tyler Toffoli to Calgary (where he was not a determining factor) and traded defenseman Brett Kulak to the Oilers.

Inevitably, the Alberta battle affected both trades, which involve 2022 picks. After all, seeing the Oilers advance to the third round and seeing the Flames fall in battle is a game-changer.

Because the Flames won their division, they will select more clubs that were eliminated in the first two rounds of the playoffs. But on the other hand, the fact that they are not part of the four aces prevents them from drafting between positions 29 to 32.

My colleague Maxime Truman was explaining this morning: Division champions (Panthers, Avalanche, Hurricanes, and Flames, in order) who aren’t in all four aces fish farther than everyone else. The Panthers lost in the second round and will pick after Calgary as of the four division champions, Calgary has the worst record.

Therefore, it is maximum at rank 27 that the llamas will fish. They could move up to 26th or 25th if the Hurricanes or Avalanche have their way, but both clubs lead 3-2 at the moment.

Writing 27 is better than 29 and more. It’s a little easier to recruit the player you want… and it’s easier if management decides to move up a few ranks. on the progress.

It also affects the Canadiens because the Oilers are getting closer to the Stanley Cup. And if the Oilers make it to the Finals, the Oilers’ second-round pick will go to the Canadiens in 2023, not 2022.

I talked about it here.

Therefore, we are a little more informed about what awaits the CH, but there are still some details to be resolved before having the official elections.

Among the issues that are less of a priority, we note that the Canadian has several options that are not yet set in stone due to transactions with clubs still alive. The CH, in 2022, has:

  • Hurricanes third-round pick (hostile offer to high-performing Jesperi Kotkaniemi).
  • Rangers fourth-round pick (pick gained from the Panthers in the Ben Chiarot trade).
  • Lightning’s fourth-round pick (traded 2021 draft pick).
  • Blues seventh-round pick (Jake Allen trade).

These aren’t files that will keep Kent Hughes up at night, but it’s still unclear where CH will fish during the next auction for all options. But at least we know who will pick first overall.

Still, the Oilers’ victory is good news, as it positively affects the Flames’ first-round pick.

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