“Top Gun: Maverick”: “It's not my movie.  This is OUR movie” - Tom Cruise

“Top Gun: Maverick”: “It’s not my movie. This is OUR movie” – Tom Cruise

He arrived by helicopter to the premieres in San Diego and Cannes, and refused to give in to the economic imperatives of the pandemic by broadcasting Top Gun: Maverick on a platform At 59, Tom Cruise has lost none of his energy and fully embraces, with an astonishing mixture of almost childlike ingenuity, humility, passion, and experience, his status as a planetary star.

It’s hard not to admire the man, the “performer” who wants to do his stunts himself, who has impeccable professional ethics, a lover of the big screen who says “go see the movies in a theater as soon as they come out”. ”, A cap screwed on his head to protect his anonymity.

That is why he returned to the Croisette after 30 years of absence. At the end of two years of pandemic and the closure of cinemas around the world, Tom Cruise is convinced of the unifying capacity of the “blockbusters”. “Look at us, we are all united, we all speak different languages, we are from different cultures… We are united in our ability to come together as a community in a common experience,” he said with conviction during the master’s degree. class by Didier Allouch, journalist, director, and a great fan of the star, hired by the Cannes Festival for the occasion.

Aviator sunglasses, impeccable tan, contagious energy even through the videoconference screen in which the premieres of “Top Gun: Maverick” and the Cannes master class are broadcast live… Tom Cruise moves. He takes the time to greet his fans, pose for selfies, and answer questions from reporters. He smiles, shakes hands, strikes a pose, and says a few words to everyone. Tireless, patient, attentive despite dark circles. And indeed, he inspires admiration. We don’t know if this is the case, away from the camera flashes, like the man who sells his films with a contagious passion, and who, when asked why he performs his stunts, laughs: “Do you want to ask Why does Gene Kelly do all his dance numbers?

Working with him is “exceptional,” said Jennifer Connelly, his co-star who also shares a moment in bed with Cruise. the pages of variety, clarify that “these two characters have a very tender relationship. There is something unresolved between them and she approaches the situation with humor and joy.

Have wings…

A “maverick” is a maverick, a dissident, a maverick. He is also the “call sign”, in other words, the call sign, the pilot nickname of Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise). In this sequel, which Cruise says has been in demand by fans for “decades. Decades,” he repeated, both incredulous and proud, Mitchell is an instructor. One day, he is asked to assemble a group of Top Gun graduates for a special mission under Admiral Tom Kazansky (Val Kilmer), his old rival. And he also meets Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), the son of his deceased friend.

The flow of Tom Cruise’s speech is vertiginous, from that whirlwind born of the security acquired in the performance of a professional during a 40-year career. Top Gun: Maverick it’s the sum of his experiences, another step in a journey that includes the “Mission: Impossible” franchise he’s been piloting for 28 years. But beware, no feature film is his. “It’s not my movie. It’s OUR movie,” he insisted about all his “blockbusters” that have generated, in total, more than 9,000 million dollars at the box office.

But that skyrocketing number is just another measure of the quality of the team’s work as a whole. “I like teams”, launched this great faithful professional since he constantly works with the same producers, directors, screenwriters, doubles, etc. He loves all trades, he learns everything, all the time, constantly. He questions observe and ask questions to understand how the smallest gear in the industry works.

“I work on my projects for years. […] I became a producer out of necessity, to bring to life the movies I wanted,” he said, almost apologizing for aiming for excellence and for having faith in cinema and Art, before pronouncing, almost smugly, “The by-product of Art is a skill.

That was how, himself an inveterate pilot, he demanded that all the actors in Top Gun: Maverick know how to fly combat planes… simply because of the realism of the shots, because for him it was unthinkable that the scenes in the air would be shot in a studio “cockpit”. For five months, his colleagues Miles Tellier, Glen Powell, Danny Ramirez, Lewis Pullman, and Monica Barbaro took courses with the US Navy. It was Cruise who designed the training program, setting daily goals. At the end of each day, the actors had to fill out a form designed by the star. “I read all the forms, every night,” the actor and producer said in production notes released to the media.

movie lover

Tom Cruise is curious about everything, he is everywhere, observing and giving his opinion because he is only happy when everything is perfect. “I can only do my best,” he said. He adds, shortly after, “I spend a lot of time working on a character, developing it.”

His attitude is the same for all his roles, on all the sets he has been on. Because the star is a “self-made man”, a man who made himself, who learned by force of will from him and his work from his role in the last bugle by Harold Becker in 1981. It was there that he met the immense George C. Scott, Timothy Hutton, and Sean Penn. Like a sponge, she drank from everything, observed everything, questioned all of his companions, and spent hours watching the daily “rushes” to understand what made the quality of a scene.

“I’m learning, I’m still learning today,” he repeated as obvious. These are skills I have developed over the years. I am an aerobatic pilot, I fly helicopters, I practice “speed of flight” [NDLR: un sport dérivé du parapente]I take dance classes, singing…” Because, beyond the love of sports and speed or the constant need for adrenaline, Tom Cruise thinks of moviegoers.

“I make my films for the spectators because I am first and foremost a spectator.” This profession of faith is her way of declaring his love for the big screen, “cinema is my love, my passion,” she affirmed in a serious tone of commitment. The recipe, was constantly applied and refined throughout his life? “I don’t want the public to see the work behind it. I just want him to discover the world. […] I want to give viewers a unique experience.”

The stardom, the planetary success, and the millions and billions of dollars of his productions do not seem to go to his head. “I never want to take this for granted,” she said calmly, looking out at the thousands of participants in this master class with eyes sparkling with happiness. And we believe it easily.

Top Gun: Maverick It reaches all screens in the province from May 27.

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