CF Montreal: a crazy victory

CF Montreal: a crazy victory

You can’t say you’re bored when CF Montreal plays FC Cincinnati. This was the case again yesterday in a 4-3 victory for Bleu-blanc-noir that entertained the 14,225 spectators at the Stade Saputo.

Montreal led 2-1 before returning to the locker room thanks to goals from Joel Waterman (21me) and Romell Quioto (45+4) after Junior Moreno opened the scoring in minute 12me minute.

In the second half, the match took on the guise of a matchup between two heavyweight boxers. You know the kind of fight where the defense takes advantage and where we hit the pear blow for blow.

Mathieu Choinière made it 3-1 in the first minute of the second half, but Cincinnati came back through Álvaro Barreal (51me).

Montreal regained a two-goal lead over Quito’s second of the match (59me) who scored on a penalty shot awarded afterwards. A video review.

It was without Moreno that he scored his second of the match with a superb shot (63me).

Montreal snapped a two-game losing streak in MLS and moved up to 3me rank in the Eastern Partnership. The team will now be on hiatus until June 18 due to the international break.

Joel Waterman opened the scoring for CF Montreal last night.

Photo Martin Alarie

Joel Waterman opened the scoring for CF Montreal last night.

tough on defense

The Montreal defenders had a very difficult afternoon, making several mistakes, but above all not being able to handle the opposing pressure.

Cincinnati had fun exploiting the spaces between the Montreal defenders, hitting through the corridors, especially down the right, where Luciano Acosta used his speed to insert between Alistair Johnston and Joel Waterman.

At least we can say that by scoring in the first half, Waterman equaled an MLS team record with a seventh goal scored by a defender, a mark set in 2013 and 2021. It should fall this year.

And if we are absolutely looking for something positive in the defensive game, Lassi Lappalainen had a better one than his teammates. He seems to be starting to get comfortable in his position.

huge loss

The match could have been expensive as the team leader, Djordje Mihailovic, left the match at 17me minute after spraining his left ankle a few minutes earlier.

Bad luck for the American midfielder who has been called up by his team for the international break that begins.

Mihailovic was seen on the team bench and wearing an ankle bandage.



S. Breza.


K. Miller, R. Camacho, J. Waterman.


L. Lappalainen (replaced by Z. Bassong in the 84th minute), V. Wanyama, M. Choinière (replaced by S. Piette in the 64th minute), A. Johnston, D. Mihailovic (replaced by A. Hamdi in the 17 min.), J. Torres (substituted by K. Kamara in min. 46).


R. Quioto (replaced by M. Miljevic in the 84th minute).



R. Celentano.


A. Powell (substituted by R. Gaddis in the 75th minute), N. Hagglund, I. Murphy, J. Nelson (substituted by Brenner in the 62nd minute).


O. Nwobodo (replaced by H. Medunjanin in the 85th minute), J. Moreno, D. Badji (replaced by Y. Kubo in the 75th minute), L. Acosta, A. Barreal.


B. Vazquez.


Montreal: Waterman (21st – pass Miller and Torres), Quioto (45th+4), Choinière (46th – pass Kamara and Lappalainen), Quioto (59th – penalty shot) CINCINNATI: Moreno (12th – pass Vázquez and Barreal ), Barreal (52nd – pass Acosta and Nelson), Moreno (63rd – pass Brenner)


MONTREAL: Waterman (53rd), Camacho (86th), Hamdi (90th) CINCINNATI: Acosta (83rd), Moreno (89th)

MTL 5 3
IAS 6 1
MTL 12 0
IAS 13 two


Joaquin Torres

Photo Martin Alarie

Joaquin Torres

8.5 / 10: Romell Quito

  • He worked hard, without rest, doing small effective things, but also scoring a brace.

7.5 / 10: Joaquin Torres

  • He threw several balls behind the opposing defense and participated in goals from Waterman and Quioto. (image above)

7.5 / 10: kamara kei

  • He has been on the field less than 30 seconds and is already receiving an assist.

7 / 10: Joel Waterman

  • Defensively, he was complex at times with Acosta’s speed, but he scored the first goal for his team. Good balance.

7 / 10: Lassi Lappalainen

  • Things are starting to fall into place. He becomes more involved and launches the action that leads to Choinière’s goal in the second half.

7 / 10: Mathieu Choiniere

  • Not always easy in the first half, but he started the second with a goal in the first minute.

7 / 10: Victor Wanyama

  • Quite energetic, he loses some battles under the pressure that sometimes suffocates the Montreal midfielder.

7 / 10: samuel piette

  • Energetic and combative, he enters a situation where he must close the defensive gaps.

6.5 / 10: kamal miller

  • Like the rest of the defense, he hasn’t always been easy under pressure from Cincinnati, but he gets an assist on Waterman’s goal.

6.5 / 10: ahmed hamdi

  • Combative, he attacks the rival area and provokes a penalty shot. But he also lost several duels.

6 / 10: alistair johnston

  • Slightly less successful in this match, he struggled with Acosta’s speed.

6 / 10: Rudy Camacho

  • Not unlike the others, he had his fair share of turnovers and bad plays.

5.5 / 10: Sebastian Breza

  • The climbs were very difficult for him in this meeting. He also makes certain decisions that are difficult to understand, like boxing a ball that he can catch, for example.

“We forgot the way” – Wilfried Nancy

The victory may not have been the most beautiful of the season, but it comes at the right time to start the international break.

“I am happy to have won because we are coming out of a long cycle”, said Wilfried Nancy for the first time. It was a game that wasn’t great. The fact that we are going on vacation, I will forget the way. »

Author of the first for his team, Joel Waterman underlined the importance of this victory after two consecutive losses in MLS. It was important not to lose any other points.

“After a nine-game unbeaten streak, we didn’t want to slide in the other direction. After two defeats, we took it to heart and wanted to get all three points before the break. »

difficult opponent

FC Cincinnati is now an inconvenient opponent with an assumed style of play that causes all sorts of problems.

“I don’t know why we always have high scores against this team,” Joel Waterman said. As a defender, I like to defend much better than that. At least we scored more goals than them and that’s all that matters. »

However, he attributes the team’s defensive problems to Cincy’s style of play.

“They are combative, they play a bit like us. Their centrals take risks and leave spaces behind. They also like to give long balloons to [Brandon] basin and [Luciano] Acosta. We struggled, but we made it. »

many goals

At the end of last night, CF Montreal ranks first in the Eastern Conference in goals scored with 28. However, it is second from last in goals against with 26.

“I don’t know if we’re going to do like New England, it was their case last year,” says Wilfried Nancy, who doesn’t hesitate to add a touch of humor.

“The goals we concede, we have to do better. Are the goals we conceded individual or collective errors? We have to investigate that. »

At least he can be satisfied with the fact that the offense is very varied this season with twelve different markers so far.

“I’m proud of that because it’s part of our game model. We all attack and we all defend.” »


Joel Waterman will undoubtedly have an indelible memory of this meeting as he had the opportunity to score his second goal this year and he did it in front of his parents who were visiting from Vancouver.

“It’s incredible, it’s a very special moment for me and for them. They made a lot of sacrifices for me to be here, I feel blessed to have scored in front of them. My father was quite excited. »

Waterman can say mission accomplished, especially since he played all three games last week.

“I am happy that they let me play this game and that they rewarded me for it. »

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