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Thank you Stranger Things and Kate Bush!

The couch potatoes who filled the fourth chapter of Strange things this weekend are currently unable to extract an (excellent) coconut song.

A spellbinding piece from 1985 used so judiciously in the fourth episode but also resonates in the walkman of Max in the first episode – that catapulted his interpreter to the hot topics of Twitter.

Is about Running down that hill (A deal with God)by Kate Bush, a piece taken from the album love dogs. Since Friday morning, nostalgic people rediscover the immense talent of this British singer-songwriter, and a new generation compulsively listens on Spotify to what has been dubbed the “sound witch”.

The marriage between the strange Kate Bush and Strange things on Netflix could not have been more celebrated. First, the text up that hill fits perfectly with the reality of teenage Max (Sadie Sink), who feels guilty about the death of her older brother Billy and who puts an emotional barrier between her friends and her.

Then the agonizing scene where Max runs to save himself from the clawed hands of the demon Vecna ​​syncs up perfectly with the percussive beat of up that hill. This sequence brilliantly illustrates how a carefully chosen song magnifies a stage and elevates the work to levels rarely achieved. It’s great.

Waited for three years – it’s a long time – this fourth season of Strange things is more violent and has more blood than the previous ones, it comes in format jumbo: all episodes last between 1h and 1h40.

And fans, like me, will delight in this pop culture buffet. The older twist of Strange things takes us out of goonies and D’Indiana Jones to catapult us into worlds of horror like those of Carrie, The Exorcist, and collector Y a nightmare on elm street (what a classic!), which inspired the creators of Strange thingsTwins Matt and Ross Duffer. Goodbye John Hughes, hello Wes Craven.


stranger things 4

Robert Englund, who for a long time donned the razor-sharp claws and striped sweater of killer Freddy Krueger in a nightmare on elm street, even appears in the fourth episode as Victor Creel, the prisoner with the gouged out eyes. I like it.

Strange things he has aged, like his performers, and his references are no longer directed at tweens. It turned into an exciting horror series. It’s where the new villain Vecna ​​resembles the terrifying Night King in Game of Thrones.

The first episode of stranger things 4 nicely reframes the story, which begins six months after the epic battle at the mall. Eleven, Will, Joyce, and Jonathan live in Lenora Hills, California. In Hawkins, Indiana, the rest of the gang lives their so-called normal teenage life, between a basketball game, a visit to the psychiatrist, and a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Of course, the sky darkens and the blood begins to flow again in the spring of 1986. Demon targets tormented teenagers, infiltrates their minds, puts them in a trance, and crushes them unbearably. Broken bones, twisted limbs, and teary eyes, the images are gripping. The massacre of the first episode, a chilling return to the past for Eleven, confirms that stranger things 4 doesn’t talk to the kids at all.

When the creature of darkness casts a spell on Max, oh-oh, the gang gathers together to destroy this slimy new bug from the Upside Down. And bad luck, Eleven has lost all of his supernatural powers, which he will strive to regain.

“Old” Steve, who traded the dairy for the video store, and young Dustin remain the comedic couple on the show. They are great. Verbomotive Robin teams up with junior reporter Nancy, and they enlist on a worthy mission. American Horror Story – Asylum and Clarice Starling in The silence of the lambs.

The least interesting part concerns mother Joyce (Winona Ryder), who is still searching for her Sheriff Hopper, imprisoned in a gulag in Russia. Too long, too disconnected from the mainframe.

The release of the first seven episodes of Strange things (the last two will arrive on 1Ahem July and will last almost four hours, in total) marks the start of the summer blockbuster season, such as Top Gun: Maverick he did it in the movies. It’s captivating big-budget entertainment.

The number of nuggets from the past unearthed Strange things is still impressive, without being too gimmicky: Jif peanut butter, Levi’s jeans, the Nintendo game paperboyOcean Pacific t-shirts, Magic 8 Ball, classic Coca-Cola cans, Tom Cruise poster, as well as movies Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Hallowe’en Y Star Wars – We can spend hours dissecting the winks that unmark the series.

There’s also the delicious soundtrack, full of forgotten treasures from the 1980s, including Sway me, Amadeo of Falco, Tarzan boy from Baltimore, pass the dutchie Musical Youths or Detroit Rock City for a kiss

the sons of Strange things They have grown well. His fans too. It was time to save the Ghostbusters switch to the horror opera.

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