NHL exec wouldn't hesitate to trade or buy Carey Price

NHL exec wouldn’t hesitate to trade or buy Carey Price

If in the next few weeks, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton learned that Carey Price would no longer be able to play hockey, there are no 36 solutions. If she doesn’t retire (she won’t retire because of the money CH owes her), she’ll be on the long-term disabled list.

We agree that the solution is necessary. But the real question is what CH will do if Price can play. That is complex.

After all, if he can play, that doesn’t mean he can from day #1 of the season if there’s a #2 trade. That doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt along the way. There are many factors to consider.

And there, I still haven’t talked about how many games I could play in a year.

Until then, the CH can control what is going on around him. And in my opinion, the most effective way to manage the file (assuming that the CH will not go looking for a young goalkeeper of the future), is to keep Jake Allen and Samuel Montembeaut at the top and have Cayden Primeau and Kevin Poulin in Laval.

The difference with last year? That Poulin signs a contract with the CH and not with the Rocket, is a matter of being able to call him and have options.

But all that doesn’t answer Price’s question as such: what if he can play?

Anthony Martineau investigated the matter and reached out to two NHL leaders to get their input on the matter. He has written an excellent article on the subject, available here.

In terms of salary, it would not be easy to manage. After all, if he can play, he must keep $10.5 million in the fund to make room for him if needed. Not ideal for a club that, as Kent Hughes put it earlier this year, “is the first in Cap Friendly”.

If an NHL exec believes CH should continue Price because his market value is low (and no one will want him without CH keeping a huge amount, but also because he will help the club not eat volleys through his performance as well as his leadership), one of his counterparts, on condition of anonymity, doesn’t exactly agree with that.

With the CH being “rebuilt” and the star goalkeeper prone to injury, the leader in question would not hesitate to cut ties with the #31 Canadian this summer.

How? Through a transaction or a purchase.

It may seem like a drastic solution, but like it or not, Price is a huge distraction for the CH. How many games have you played this season? And conversely, how many news/tweets about him have we seen?

It’s amazing, honestly. – The leader in question.

In his eyes, if the CH starts the season with him and does the job, it would have to be haggled at the deadline.

My problem with that goes back to the other executive’s point: Who will get Price? I, if I am a GM, whatever the price, I am reluctant to go looking for him since I don’t know if he will be healthy in the playoffs.

And as for exchanging it?

As we can see in Cap Friendly, for the next four seasons (that is, for the rest of his contract), the goalkeeper’s salary footprint in the mass would be quite similar to what he usually has.

I bought, Price’s contract will count against the hammer at all times and he can’t be placed on the long-term disabled list, which doesn’t make sense for CH. So I don’t believe it at all and Kent Hughes has already said that he has no intention of buying a player this summer.

This lends weight to the conclusion we already knew: The file is not easy and there is no silver bullet if Price can play. But in fact, I feel more and more that Carey Price’s playing career is over…

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