It really is child's play, buy a gun

It really is child’s play, buy a gun

HOUSTON (Texas) | As crazy as it sounds, all it takes is a valid driver’s license and a few minutes to buy a gun in Texas. The newspaper followed two Americans through the very short acquisition process.

“It takes longer to buy a car here than a gun,” says Joseph Say, a 43-year-old Texan, uneasily as he shops for a gun at a huge open-air store in suburban Houston, Texas.

Since the arrival of Trunk in Texas, everyone we met was alarmed at the ease of obtaining a firearm.

So yesterday we went shopping at two stores that offered revolvers, pistols, rifles, and other weapons.

purchase of firearms

It would have taken only 15 short minutes to walk out with a gun and ammunition.

It is to show the disconcerting ease with which 18-year-old Salvador Ramos was able to get hold of a weapon that allowed him to kill 21 people, including 19 children, that Joseph Say and Sarah Zickefoose did not hesitate to accompany The newspaper for this surreal experience.

“It is shocking that anyone over the age of 18 with a driver’s license [de conduire] A Texan can buy a gun so easily,” laments the 22-year-old student, who lives in suburban Houston.

One minute

Whether it was at the Bass Pro Shop hunting and fishing store or the Academy sporting goods store, it only took a minute for the two shoppers to have a gun in their hands.

purchase of firearms

Each time, the only question asked is: “what are you looking for?” »

“Something for defense,” says Say, who works in cybersecurity.

For her part, Sarah Zickefoose asks for a small gun to put in her bag.

Once both customers confirm that they want to purchase the gun, they only need to prove that they are Texans to begin the minimal background check process.

Since she didn’t want to make a purchase, Sarah Zickefoose didn’t complete the process, she simply wanted to show the Trunk the ease of getting a gun.

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Joseph Say, for his part, opted to go all the way by buying a “12-gauge Winchester Super X,” which “will do more damage than kill, therefore less dangerous,” he says.

The seller simply asked him to fill out a form with his contact information, as well as answer some questions such as: “are you part of a terrorist organization? or “Do you have mental health problems? “.

The store clerk then ran a background check on Mr. Say through an internal program. The seller noted that Mr. Say has no crime under his belt, the latter was able to pay for his gun, and that, in just 15 minutes.

“Is it normal that it can only take 15 minutes to buy a weapon that can kill people? “Asks the man leaving the store, before trusting that he will offer the shotgun and its case to his brother…


purchase of firearms

Sarah Zickefoose, 22, simply wanted to show the Trunk Easy to get hold of a firearm. She had an impressive display behind her with various options at her disposal. In less than a minute, she found a gun in her hands.


purchase of firearms

As soon as she arrives at the Academy’s sports equipment store, the young woman is advised on the weapon she should carry. “This one might work for you because it’s small, has no security, and fits in a small bag. »


purchase of firearms

Without asking any questions, the merchant immediately agrees to sell to you. All Sarah Zickefoose needs is a valid driver’s license and a clean criminal record. But don’t worry, says the salesperson, because 90% of people pass the background check.


purchase of firearms

Whether it’s a revolver, a pistol, a rifle, or a shotgun, the customer starts by choosing the weapon they want to test. Then he can hold the gun in his hands to see if he likes it at first sight. For the exercise, our journalist was able to pull this shotgun out without a problem.


purchase of firearms

In Texas, you absolutely must be a Texan to purchase a firearm. the representative of Trunk therefore could not start the process of buying one.


purchase of firearms

The client must complete a form that includes several questions related to his mental state and the possible crimes committed, or to find out if he is part of a terrorist organization, in particular.


purchase of firearms

Once the seller has checked the buyer’s criminal record, all that remains is to go to the checkout to pay for your purchases.


purchase of firearms

For Joseph Say, all that remains is to enjoy his rifle!

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