8 signs that your cat may die soon

8 signs that your cat may die soon

After spending several years with a pet, we become so attached to it that we would like it to live forever. Unfortunately, like us, animals are not immortal. One day or another, they end up giving up the ghost. Some people experience separation from their dog or cat very badly, especially if it fills a great emotional void. However, most people will tell you: the weeks leading up to your departure are the hardest to get through. Feeling the suffering and loss of your pet is a very painful moment to live. In denial, many cat owners refuse to face reality. However, there are indeed some very telling signs that the end is near. Is it time to say goodbye to him? To prepare you for this fatality and comfort him until the end, we are going to reveal eight clues that indicate that your furball is dying.

Because they are so independent and self-sufficient, cats hate feeling weak and vulnerable. Also, when they get sick, they have the ability to hide it. But some changes in his behavior should put you on your toes. Therefore, it is necessary to observe his actions and gestures to try to determine if it is time to say goodbye to him. Although it is not easy to see your cat suffer, there are some specific signs that you should be aware of: sudden weight loss, poor mobility, unkempt appearance or lack of interest in their toys.

sick cat

Sick cat – Source: spm

1. Your breathing is abnormal

The cat’s lungs are controlled by muscles and nerves. As you age, these organs begin to weaken: therefore, your breathing may slow down or intensify for no reason. If you pay attention, you will notice some pretty serious variations. In fact, for short periods, the cat’s breathing may stop suddenly, then immediately start again.

2. Has an abnormal odor

As the cat nears the end of her life, she may develop an abnormal body odor. In question, the degradation of tissues and the accumulation of toxins in the body. Therefore, the smell may vary depending on your state of health. For example, diabetic cats may have a sweet body odor, while those with kidney failure sometimes have ammonia on their breath.

3. He is no longer interested in his favorite toys.

As your cat’s health deteriorates, he will lose interest in the things he once loved. Suddenly, he puts down his toys to take a nap or refuses to eat his favorite treats. An unusual attitude that has something to unsettle you. If you notice that he suddenly loses interest in the things he loves, that he lacks spirit and joy, then this is certainly a sign that he will soon leave this world.

tired cat

Tired cat – Source: spm

4. Low mobility

Cats often have poor mobility due to loss of muscle mass and pain caused by arthritis or other health problems. Is your condition gradually beginning to deteriorate? Does he no longer climb trees, does he no longer jump high enough as before, does he no longer want to climb stairs? Unless you are a very lazy cat, if you feel a sudden change in physical energy, the end is likely near.

5. Weight loss

Most cats lose weight as they age. In fact, your stomach can no longer properly digest and assimilate protein, which leads to a loss of muscle mass. Therefore, even if you think that you are eating enough, you will notice that you no longer gain weight, on the contrary, you lose it more easily.

NB : Extreme weight loss can also be caused by diseases such as cancer, hypothyroidism or chronic kidney disease.

hidden cat

Hidden chat – Source: spm

6. The tendency to hide

It is true that cats like to quietly isolate themselves in a corner, away from noise and agitation. But if yours has always been sociable and well-rounded, and suddenly changes his attitude, there’s reason to wonder about his recent need for isolation. Cats always hide in small dark places, but usually when they feel that they are going to die soon, they change their hiding place and refuse to come out. Sometimes, even when it’s lunchtime, they don’t want to go out.

7. Messy appearance

When cats feel deep restlessness, they stop caring about their appearance. And this is surely a very revealing sign, since these cats are addicted to cleanliness. They lick themselves daily to clean themselves and hygiene is essential for them. Therefore, this unexpected abandonment must challenge you. Result: his coat is messy, oily and dirty. Inevitably, if he no longer licks himself, his skin can become dry and flaky. Your hair may also be invaded by dandruff. No, it doesn’t look like him! If you see him in this state, take matters into your own hands and try to provide him with proper care, if you let him of course. Feeling clean again will lift your spirits.

8. Lack of appetite

When a cat is not feeling well and feels very weak, then they lose their appetite and do not eat as usual. If you return his food to him and he no longer touches it, you have to be prepared for the possibility of losing him before too long. At the same time, the administration of certain medications can influence your taste or smell, making you less interested in food. Try reheating the food or adding a small amount of tuna sauce to intensify its flavor. It can whet your appetite and make you want to eat. But it is important to know that if the end is near, your cat will categorically refuse to eat.

Of course, every cat is different. As a rule, these are harbingers of an impending end, but they can also be symptoms arising from a specific illness or disease that needs to be treated. As a precaution, as soon as you notice a significant change in your cat’s behavior, it’s always best to see your vet to be sure.

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