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Tomato flu affects children and has no cure, this is how you can protect your children

This new virus appears while monkeypox is a concern in the West. But according to some sources, the threat of another pandemic is not yet on the agenda.

The origin of the disease

This new emerging disease was discovered in India a few weeks ago. It has become endemic in the Kerala region. The Indian media decided to call it the tomato flu. India Today speaks of more than 80 registered cases.

The origin of this virus is currently unknown, but there are two hypotheses: the first, given the symptoms they share, may be related to monkeypox; if not, it would be a new form of a very common infection in young children called hand-foot-and-mouth.

Who are the main targets of the disease?

Dr. Aruna, Deputy Director of Coimbatore Health Services, explains that the disease only affects children. However, the spread can happen very quickly. Therefore, it is essential to isolate the person presenting the symptoms. Here are his words during her interview when she was interviewed by Indian Express:

“If someone is infected with this flu, they should be isolated. Because it could spread quickly from person to person. »

The symptoms

Round, red rashes would appear as signs of this disease called tomato flu. Followed by other symptoms like those of the seasonal flu, they are painful and spread throughout the body.

The child with this virus would suffer from a high fever in addition to other pains such as nausea, cough, diarrhea, and dehydration with irritations in the mouth. You would even feel joint pain as well as stomach cramps.

Sometimes a color change is seen on the legs and hands of the infected person.

a contagious disease

Some virologists would compare the virus to the so-called hand-foot-mouth syndrome. This comparison is because it is transmitted by direct contact with those infected. On the 6th of last month, 82 children were infected in Kerala. However, the virus does not appear to be dangerous.

According to Dr. Subhash Chandra, this disease is contagious. It spreads from person to person. However, its true mode of spread is still being studied.

A disease that cannot be cured

Like the hand-foot-mouth syndrome, the so-called tomato flu has no cure. We can still only treat your symptoms.

A Ph.D. and Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Chandra advises tomato fever patients to “drink lots of water.” And as with other viral fevers, you also have to “rest in bed.” Thus, the patient’s body is hydrated and rested.

So that the fever does not spread, infected children must be isolated. At the moment, there are no deaths to regret, only that there is still no treatment. The above precautions are only intended to relieve symptoms.

Is there a pandemic threat to fear?

The world is emerging from a Covid-19 pandemic that lasted more than two years. And recently, another disease has appeared in Europe: it is monkeypox in particular. Therefore, it is normal that the appearance of a new disease worries people. But experts say there is still no need to fear a new pandemic.

Benjamin Rossi recalls that infectious diseases “are part of life”. And he goes on to say: “they are there all the time. This is reported by the medium

Another infectious disease doctor, Aulnay-sous-Bois, reassures, saying:

“Not all viruses are Covid. »

According to this doctor at the Robert Ballanger hospital, Indian scientists are investigating the sequencing of the tomato flu in the context of the release of covid-19 and, above all, the appearance of monkeypox.

“Some time ago, with rashes in children, doctors would have said it was Coxsackie, a mild childhood virus, which gives hand-foot-and-mouth syndrome. They would not have been looking for a new virus. There the symptoms resembled those of monkeypox, they looked and found something else”, says Benjamin Rossi.

And adds:

When there are three cases, it is world news. He seems quite distant and nothing serious.

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