"Mario Strikers", "Diablo Immortal", "Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle"... What are we playing in June?

“Mario Strikers”, “Diablo Immortal”, “Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle”… What are we playing in June?

Players will have to draw swords andshieldsd in June 2022. In the catalog of video game releases, the great novelty mainly refers to combat simulations or adventures to carry out alone in hostile worlds. Within Elder Scrolls Online: High Islandit will be necessary to act with tact to avoid a generalized war, while in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreaks On the contrary, there is no hesitation: the only option to get out alive is to defeat the monsters. And in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Housesthey are even gigantic armies facing each other.

But that’s not all on the agenda. It is also the return of the famous Nintendo plumber in Mario Strikers: soccer battle league. A new work that should delight fans of the genre.

“Immortal Devil”: the changes are legion

Devil, Blizzard’s famous Hack’n Slash license is changing formula and support. If the announcement of the exclusive turn on Android and iOS mobiles had disappointed fans in 2018, it seems that the latter have calmed down by joining and enjoying the test phases. The quality of smartphones now allows for high definition and the title will also be available for PC. Therefore, we can play indifferently on the two supports.

another development, immortal devil it becomes massively multiplayer and even if it will always be possible to do the main story and some solo quests, it is in groups that only the richest dungeons can be accessed. Guilds, raids, hubs, we find all the ingredients of an MMO adapted to the dark limbo of Devil.

Gameplay issue, the title becomes a bit more “arcade” but must maintain the essential elements that made the success of the saga, namely tons of objects, weapons and armor to loot the corpses of their enemies. Six fairly classic character classes will be available at launch, others will emerge over time. The game is free but smart with a store to buy bonuses that will not only be cosmetic. It will be necessary to see if it will be necessary to get hold of the portfolio to be competitive and take full advantage of the infernal universe of Devil.

immortal devil / Blizzard Entertainment / on PC – Android – iOS on June 2, 2022.

“Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle”: Irreducible Bretons

It’s been 8 years sinceelder scrolls online offers its adventures to fans of medieval fantasy. high island, its sixth extension sends you to use your talents among the Bretons, a people still little used in the knowledge of the license. The online role-playing game moves away from the magic and the usual bosses to focus on a plot full of plots and unexpected twists.

The feudal archipelago of the Bretons is about to fall into war and the pacifists oppose warlike ancestors. conspiracies, piracy, treason and political manipulations are on the program of this chapter that should take you about thirty hours straight. If you are a new player, you should know that the collection Elder Scolls Online: High Island It gives you access to the full game as well as the five previous expansions, a great way to discover this gigantic universe. The title also offers glory stories : A promising new deck-building collectible card game where you will have the surprise of shuffling your own cards with your opponent’s before starting the game.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Island / Bethesda Softworks / on PS5 – PS4 – Xbox One and Series – PC on June 6.

Mario Strikers: soccer battle league“: football war

Put on your sneakers and sharpen your cleats, mario strikers is back after version Mario Strikers Loaded Football dating back to 2007. The soccer game developed by Next Level Games is not a simulation, quite the opposite. All shots are allowed here: you can play handball, push your opponents into the electrified fence, or tackle your own teammates to keep them waltzing. Orbs regularly appear on the ground. If you catch them, you can unleash a hyper attack. A special shot that scores two points with one shot.

In addition to the goalkeeper, four characters from the Mario universe can be played on each team and up to 8 players can compete at the same time on a single console. Top speed or hitting power, accessories can also modify the performance of footballers and give a clear strategic advantage in the scrum. Finally, Nintendo announces the possibility of creating your own club that can bring together up to 20 players and will allow you to compete online to win first place in the world in a kind of Mario Champions League.

Mario Strikers: Football Battle League on Switch June 10

“The Quarry”: life and death

Prepare for terror. The quarry, the new production of Supermassive Games (Until Dawn) takes you to a nightmarish night in the middle of the American countryside. While the monitors of a colony lost in the middle of the forest prepare to enjoy a well-deserved last evening after the children’s departure, terror is invited to the party.

The title alternates between chilling narration sequences and quick command actions, the consequences of which can sometimes be lethal. This forces the player to be attentive at all times. At the casting we found David Arquette from ScreamAriel Winter’s Modern Family or even Lance Heriksen from the series Alien. The game makes you have the destiny of the protagonists in your hands and therefore you will have to decide who will survive this terrible night. The choices you make influence the story to the point that the studio has planned over a hundred different endings.

The quarry / Supermassive Games 2k / on PS5 – PS4 – Xbox One and Series on June 10

“Sonic Origins”: A Supersonic Compilation

Riding on the success of the movie sonic 2 in the cinema, Sega returns to its origins with sonic origins, a compilation of the first episodes of the series released on Megadrive. Therefore, we are entitled to Sonic 1, 2 and 3 but also sonic & knuckles Y sonic disk. Nostalgics will be able to rediscover their youthful feelings in the classic mode that is close to the original versions. For those who get itchy eyes when the pixels are too large, an anniversary mode will allow them to benefit from better resolution and unlimited lives.

Attention, as of May 20, all the games present in the compilation will be withdrawn from sale. If you want to play only one of these games, it will no longer be possible to buy it individually but only by buying the entire collection.

sonic origins / Sega / PS5 – PS4 – Xbox One and Series – Switch – PC / June 23

“Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses”: triple strategic war

Prepare to disembowel soldiers by the thousands. Within Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses you play as a hero with such powers that he can defeat dozens of enemies at once. It is Hack’n Slash that is currently a hit in Japan, especially since the success ofHyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity which takes place in the Zelda universe.

Here is the world and the characters of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses which is honorable. Therefore, you will have to choose between wielding Dimitri’s spear, Claude’s bow or striking with Edelgard’s axe, the representatives of the three great powers of Fodlan. Each obviously has its own gameplay. Between the battles that take place in an arena where you face successive waves of enemies, you have to manage territories and allies.

A bit of strategy in this world of brutes where you will have to advance your troops through training, think about healing your friends and make crucial decisions to finally win the war.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes / Change / June 24

“Madison”, the soul of a photographer

Haunted house atmosphere and creaky doors for madisonthe psychological horror game that is openly inspired by zero project released in 2002. You are trapped by a demon who exploits you to complete a bloody ritual that began decades ago. To get ahead, you have a Polaroid camera.

It may seem like a bit of a lightweight piece of equipment, but this chamber has powers that allow you to connect your plan to the afterlife. The exploration and puzzles should follow each other and allow you to learn a bit more about the paranormal phenomena that are blocking your progress. The game can be downloaded online, but if you are a fetishist then you should know that the physical version will only be available on Playstation.

madison / Bloody Games / PS5 – PS4 – Xbox One and Series – Switch – PC / June 24

“Capcom Fighting Collection”: arcade atmosphere

Capcom Fighting Collection collect 10 fighting games from the publisher. A compilation for those who seek to find the atmosphere of the arcades in their living room with the possibility of competing online to challenge the best fighters on the planet. Here is the full list: Darkstalkers, Night Warriors, Vampire Savior I Y II, Vampire Hunter 2, Cyberbots, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Hyper Street Fighter II, Super Gem Fighter Minimix Y Red land. Please note that in the batch, only Red land never benefited from a port on console and PC.

Capcom Fighting Collection / PS4 – Xbox One – Switch – PC / June 24

“Monster Hunter Rise”: a new dragon hunt

First expansion for monster hunter rise with break the sun This expansion takes you to discover new hunting grounds in the Elgado outpost to face a terrible threat: an ancient dragon named Malzeno. In addition to this terrible opponent, several new monsters are appearing: a Flying Wyvern Seregios that can grease you with its scales, a Somnacanth Aurora whose icy breath freezes you on the spot, or even an Alumdron Magma that has the ability to transform the ground into lava.

Transfer dodge, talents that can be changed in mid-combat, improved wall running, the extension also gives hunters the opportunity to innovate in the way they track their prey. It also adds Paragon quests, adventures to be carried out alone simply accompanied by a non-playable character that will have to be unlocked throughout the game and that will have special abilities to help you.

Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn / Capcom / Switch – PC / June 30

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