Joshua Roy could play for the Rocket in the Eastern Finals

Joshua Roy could play for the Rocket in the Eastern Finals

Drafted late by the Canadian last year (150th overall), Joshua Roy quickly became one of the most prominent hopes of Habs fans.

The former first overall pick in the QMJHL has had an outstanding season. His 51 goals and 119 points in 66 games have made him one of the most dominant players on the Courteau circuit. In the playoffs he continued to wreak havoc on himself, when he scored 23 points in 11 games.

Sherbrooke Phoenix’s course unfortunately ended in the semi-finals, but it’s a blessing in disguise. In fact, due to his team’s elimination, he was given the opportunity to join the Laval Rocket (as did Riley Kidney).

As my colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois reported a few days ago, the team’s head coach, Jean-François Houle, opened the door for Roy to play with the team.

But the Canadian’s school club is full of depth and has plenty of veterans. During their current playoff run, a real chemistry is building between the residents of Laval. Breaking the lineup would be quite a feat.

But it seems that Roy is getting closer to that goal. Today he participated in his first practice with the Rocket and he did it together with regular players.

This is further proof of the progression of today’s number 41, as Riley Kidney, who had been drafted in the second round last year, was not integrated into this group.

According to Houle, there are chances to see Roy face the Springfield Thunderbirds:

He has a chance to play, maybe not tomorrow, but maybe in a couple of games. He has to have internships with our team to feel comfortable.

So there’s no guarantee of seeing him play, but what we’re seeing so far is encouraging. The Rockets coaches wouldn’t have given him that chance if they didn’t believe in him.

By facing the academy club of the Blues, the Beauceron will give a better idea to the general body of the Canadian and the supporters of which wood he is warming up.

The caliber of the QMJHL is not the strongest, but what Roy has accomplished this year at 18 years old is still very impressive. However, if he can stand out against the adults, in very important playoff games, he will gain even more confidence heading into his arrival at Habs training camp in the fall.

Unfortunately for him, he is not eligible to play in the American League next year. So it’s NHL or QMJHL for him next year.

But with a good camp, he could play a few big league games next year and then return to Sherbrooke.

Who knows, the young man might even shuffle the cards and win a job in Montreal. However, the chances of that happening are pretty slim…

If he manages to play some interesting games in the playoffs with Laval, earn a spot on Team Canada for the next World Junior Championship, and dominate the QMJHL even more next year, he will stand out as one of the Canadian leaders.

Remember that the Rockets will play the first game of their semifinal on Saturday night in Springfield.

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– One of the reasons behind the success of the Rocket

– It will be interesting to see how this situation turns out. Will he encourage other prospects, like Joshua Roy, to make the jump to Europe instead of staying on the Canadian junior circuit?

– They offer interesting answers.


– Mbappé left this match due to injury.

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