Here are 9 Quebec Movies You Shouldn't Miss This Summer at the Cinema

Here are 9 Quebec Movies You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer at the Cinema

There is no shortage of Quebec movies this summer, with movie theaters once again the perfect place to escape, and air-conditioned. These are the titles that will fill the coming months with emotions of all kinds.

3 of June, Baby sister

Director Monia Chokri, who has just returned from the Cannes Festival where she was part of the Cinéfondation and Short Films jury, offers, with Baby sister, the film adaptation of the play of the same name by Catherine Léger. The babysitter of the title is Amy, played by Nadia Tereszkiewicz, who takes care of Cédric’s (Patrick Hivon) and Nadine’s (Monia Chokri) baby. The latter is in the midst of postpartum depression while Cédric writes a book after being filmed while making a sexist gesture to a journalist. Catherine Léger participated in writing the screenplay for the filmmaker’s second feature film, a work written before #MeToo. As Monia Chokri pointed out to Trunk, “domination is everywhere and in all relationships, even between men. We have a problem with our power management.

June 10th, No chicane in my booth

A teenage girl is convinced her parents will stop arguing after their divorce. But the problem is that they have no intention of separating. For her first feature film, director Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers cast Charlotte St-Martin, Isabelle Blais, and Pierre-Luc Brillant to play the family trio. The filmmaker co-wrote the screenplay for this summer comedy filmed last fall in Montreal with Maryse Latendresse.

June 17, Arsenault and sons

In a village in Bas-du-Fleuve, a family of poachers reigns. But now the return of the youngest son, Anthony, accompanied by a radio announcer and his brother, cracks the clan, which is nonetheless united. With this story, Rafaël Ouellet (Truck) features Karine Vanasse, Luc Picard, Guillaume Cyr, Micheline Lanctôt, and Julien Poulin, the filmmaker who makes his big comeback here seven years after his Gurov and Anna.

July 6th, lines of flight

Three high school friends, played by Catherine Chabot, Léane Labrèche-Do,r and Mariana Mazza, come together for the best… and especially the worst for a drunken evening. Co-directed by actress Catherine Chabot and filmmaker Miryam Bouchard, the feature film written by Catherine Chabot and Émile Gaudreault (yes) promises to be the summer comedy to watch as a couple.

July 20th, confessions

Shot in 2019 and postponed several times due to the pandemic, confessions is directed by Luc Picard, with a screenplay by Sylvain Guy and the film features music by Daniel Bélanger. The filmmaker plays the role of Gérald Gallant, the worst hitman in the country’s history with 28 murders of him. the cast of confessions it is impressive since you can see, among others, Sandrine Bisson, Maxim Gaudette, Éveline Gélinas, David La Haye and Louise Portal.

August 5, Arlette

Two years after the accusations of sexual harassment and physical assault made by Safia Nolin, Maripier Morin, also a new mother, signs her great return to the spotlight here. Mariloup Wolfe’s camera and Marie Vien’s script (Augustine’s passion) takes us into the life of a young Minister of Culture (Maripier Morin), who has just been appointed to this position. Dramatic comedy, Arlette It also has the presence of Paul Ahmarani, Benoît Brière, David La Haye and Gilbert Sicotte in the cast.

August 12, the cheaters

Louis Godbout was recently in the news while writing the script for Coda: life in music with patrick stewart with the cheaterssigns a crazy and screeching comedy set on a golf course and starring Christine Beaulieu in the middle of the trio formed by Benoït Gouin, Alexandre Goyette and Steve Laplante.

Coming soon, a summer like this

Denis Côté examines with the inimitable style that is his sexuality in his 14me feature film presented at the Berlinale last February. The filmmaker thus follows three women, Eugénie (Laure Giappiconi), Geisha (Aude Mathieu) and Léonie (Larissa Corriveau), patients in a nursing home who are dealing with their sexual problems.

Coming soon, you will remember me

Postponed many times, the film by Éric Tessier starring Rémy Girard, Julie Le Breton and Karelle Tremblay tackles Alzheimer’s and old age by focusing on this retired history teacher who is shortly retiring from public life and supported in turn by his relatives.

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