The friendly trio of Lamoureux, Luneau and Warren

The friendly trio of Lamoureux, Luneau and Warren

BUFFALO — It would be an exaggeration to say they felt no stress during NHL Review Week, but Maveric Lamoureux, Tristan Luneau, and Noah Warren were privileged to have this experience together.

Since arriving in Buffalo, the three QMJHL defensemen have been inseparable. Since they each have a great sense of humor (check out the video linked to the article), one would like to say that they resembled Dalton’s gang. But hey, they are much smarter and smarter than them and a bit lacking in the group. Though Luneau, even though he’s 6-foot-2, could pass for little considering Lamoureux has a 6-foot-7 frame and Warren is a close second at 6-foot-5.

Lamoureux was quick to confirm that it was an advantage to be so well surrounded.

“I was in the same room as Tristan. In the evening, we shared our notes on the teams, we asked each other the tough interview questions. If we had learned something from a team, we talked about it. Yesterday (Friday) we saw the new top gun together. (David) Goyette was also there with us. We spend most of the week together, either eating or walking around town. I knew them very well, but I was able to get even closer to them”, confided the great right-hander of the Drummondville Voltigeurs.

And no, Lamoureux still hasn’t been nicknamed top gun, by his first name. But she often hears about him and seems to prevail as an idea.

For those who saw the 1986 version of top gun, there is competition within the squad. So while Lamoureux, Luneau, and Warren are friends, they’re all aiming to win the little draft rivalry.

“Of course, it would be fun to be chosen first, but we don’t talk about it since we’re friends. At the same time, for sure there is competition and it would be good to get ahead of them,” Warren said.

Very nice too, Lamoureux admits that it is impossible to avoid a rivalry on this subject.

“Of course, it’s a goal and there’s a bit of competition, but it’s not a bad rivalry. I’m in the same agency as Tristan, we’re good friends. But he would certainly like to be in the draft before me and it is the same from my side, ”summarized Lamoureux who is represented by Dominic DeBlois.

As Nicolas Landry will tell you, the Canadians were identified as the team that conducted the most difficult interviews. The new staff tried to shake hopes in different ways to get to know them better.

To react well to the leaders of the many clubs interested in his services, Lamoureux chose the card of authenticity.

The CH, the most difficult team in an interview

“I feel like it went well. I was myself, I was smiling, I had good energy and I wasn’t stressed. I wasn’t trying to invent a role for myself in interviews and I think the recruiters liked that. They noticed it right away,” said the right-hander he acknowledges hunting after his first interview with Seattle.

“My agent emailed me with any questions that might come up. He told us that we could maintain our point of view, respectfully. On teams like that they don’t let you intimidate,” said Lamoureux, who believes he had the best interviews of him with Edmonton, Detroit, Vancouver, and Carolina.

If the CH group made up primarily of Martin Lapointe, Nick Bobrov, recruiters and a sports psychologist got their hopes up, Luneau had a pretty comical experience with the Colorado Avalanche.

After briefly introducing himself, he was invited to compete against an Avalanche manager of his choosing. The challenge was to throw the most candy (five attempts) into a trash can at the back of the room.

“But it was tied after our five shots, so he went into overtime and just didn’t want to finish. In short, the game took almost the entire time. It got to the point where I wanted to ask if we were going to continue with the interview,” Luneau said with a smile.

Like Warren and Lamoureux, Luneau had prepared well for the interview process. After all, he had knee surgery last offseason that affected the first half of his draft season.

“He had no interview for me. challenger. I heard that some had more difficult questions, even with Montreal. Some clubs were showing bad bits of players and had to explain themselves. But it went well for me,” Luneau said.

The three companions also underwent physical tests within the same group. It all ended with the famous test of the stationary bicycle, suffering from 30 seconds.

“Cycling is not fun, that’s for sure. But the rest went very well,” Lamoureux said.

“They put a lot of resistance on the bike. When he tells you that you’re halfway through 30 seconds, you say ‘Ugh…’. But it’s fun, they motivate us, “Warren also confirmed.

In light of the published results, it can be confirmed that all three defenders achieved excellent results in some events. It was also interesting to see that Lamoureux stands out the most among the trio, even if he still has about thirty pounds of muscle to add to his lean physique.

All the sacrifices invested will be rewarded on July 7 or 8 during the repechage in Montreal. Everyone anticipates this moment with enthusiasm.

“My whole family will be there, my friends too. My mother lives very close, on the Plateau”, stressed Warren, who practices several sports such as swimming and athletics so well that he already has a fascinating physical maturity.

*In the next few days, we will publish an article to dissect the game of these three defenders under the eyes of recruiters who have spied on their journey.

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