Rangers cause upset and now leads series 2-0

Rangers cause upset and now leads series 2-0

Most pundits and fans didn’t give the New York Rangers a run for their money in the conference finals, as the Tampa Bay Lightning are trying to reach the Stanley Cup Finals for the third straight year. Still, Game 1 of the series went to the Blueshirts, and they had a chance to double their lead last night with Game 2 at home.

It was Jon Cooper’s men who struck first, with a goal scored very quickly in the match. It was Nikita Kucherov who beat Igor Shesterkin to score his fifth playoff goal.

Let’s say the Rangers goalie must have wanted to review this shot:

Despite everything, the New York formation was not intimidated by this goal scored after two minutes and 41 seconds of play.

We all know how important depth is to a team in the playoffs and it has to come up at some point or another. That was what K’Andre Miller did, moments after the Lightning net.

The tall defender shows patience in the Lightning territory before unleashing a shot that snakes behind Vasilevskiy. Thus, with six minutes played in the match, the tie was created one to one:

That’s when we felt the Rangers regained the confidence they have when they’re at home. The amphitheater is loud and it’s hard to win at Madison Square Garden in the playoffs. At least, that’s what we understand from the Rangers’ perfect record since the start of the spring dance…

If there is a combination of trios that is making waves in New York right now, it is that of Alexis Lafrenière. Along with Kaapo Kakko and Filip Chytil and nicknamed “Kid’s line”, the three young players offer excellent performance on the ice.

And who else to break the tie in the match?

Kakko takes advantage of a simply perfect pass from Adam Fox to thread the needle and give his team the advantage:

No goals were scored in the second. Therefore, we are transported to the third period, while the score remains 2-1 in favor of the Rangers.

We often talk about how important it is for the big guys on a team to make the playoffs and contribute to the success of the club. That ladies and gentlemen, Mika Zibanejad understood perfectly.

After a minute in the third position, the Swede told himself that he was going to take matters into his own hands and the result was sublime.

Zibanejad rushes into the rival territory and fires a powerful, accurate shot to double the Rangers’ lead with around 18 minutes remaining in the game. wow!

And we feel that that goal hurt Rayo who, in the end, will never have been able to get back into the game. Nick Paul scored with two minutes left on the clock, but it was too little too late.

The Rangers, to everyone’s surprise, take a two-nil lead in the series. Honestly, I don’t think many people would have predicted this.

The series now moves to Tampa. Will the Lightning be able to find the hair of the beast in front of his followers? Because yes, something unique is happening right now.

Since 2019, the Lightning has lost two straight playoff games. This ends a spectacular streak of 17 games where the team had not lost in two consecutive games. You should do, the same thing!


– When I told you that in New York there was a lot of noise…

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