Trading Shea Weber will be harder than you think

Trading Shea Weber will be harder than you think

Rumors have been circulating for the past few days that the Arizona Coyotes and the Canadiens are in talks to see if a transaction involving Jonathan Drouin is possible.

It is not only what Mathias Brunet advances since the guys from The Athletic (Marc-Antoine Godin and Arpon Basu) have just added some saying that according to what they hear the CH could have more luck in trying to send Jonathan Drouin or even Mike Hoffman to Tempe to try and send them Captain Shea Weber’s contract.

Seeing Mike Hoffman worries me a little. Do the Coyotes want to get the contract for the Canadiens’ #68 forward, who has two years and $4.5 million per year left?

After all, even with salary garnishment, it’s not much of an investment, is it? Remember Arizona is on a tight budget…

But what interests me, in all of this, is the information that Shea Weber’s contract would be less easy to trade than we had planned and assumed for months now.

But why? After all, Kent Hughes always hinted that the defenseman was going to quit, and that’s the sentiment in the NHL.

For the guys to say the market isn’t in favor of an accounting transaction involving the defenseman’s contract means the Coyotes wouldn’t benefit from doing so.

It is the fact that the captain has four years left on his contract that puts a ray on the wheels of the project. In four years, teams that are interested in getting their hands on Weber right now may regret it… and the Kids of The Athletic summed it up nicely in the following sentence:

It becomes much less interesting to opt for a contract knowing in advance that you will want to get rid of it later. – Marc-Antoine Godin and Arpon Basu

Right now the Coyotes seem more oriented to the idea of ​​getting bad contracts for players who can play and not for a Shea Weber so unofficially the race is over, as everyone knows, due to his multiple injuries.

Can the situation change in a year? After all, in a year, the Coyotes will be a year behind the tie in an NCAA arena and there will only be three years left on the contract that currently ties the Canadian to Weber.

Remember that in 2022-2023, you will actually earn three million dollars, but you will only earn one million dollars per year from 2023 to 2026 for a cap of approximately $7.8 million. That could play a role depending on the Coyotes’ long-term plan at the time, even if the long-term injured list is an option.

But the Canad, Ian’s goal will be to trade Weber before then so he doesn’t potentially have Weber and Carey Price at the same time in the game. paysheet. Remember that in the summer there is no list of long-term casualties, but the salary cap can be exceeded by 10%.

Will another club want to go after Weber? I’m not sure why the contract seems tailored just for the Coyotes. After all, even if (for example) Ottawa wanted his contract in 2022, that doesn’t mean, as the guys from The Athletic said, that they will want him until 2026…

The dossier looks complicated and the LTIR will increasingly become a major headache for Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton, and John Sedgwick, who is in charge of payroll in Montreal.

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