Patrice Bergeron denies rumors that he no longer wants to play for Bruce Cassidy

Patrice Bergeron denies rumors that he no longer wants to play for Bruce Cassidy

Yesterday, the Boston Bruins took the hockey world by storm when they fired Bruce Cassidy. Respected by his teammates and fans, the Bruins manager is sure to become a coveted target for other clubs: a bit like Barry Trotz.

The training had opened the door to a change a few weeks ago, but since that had not been done, we had all assumed that the pilot was going to keep his position.

But finally he left.

The fact that he had the right, a few weeks ago, to fire one of his assistants seems to show that the decision to fire Cassidy was made very recently, therefore.

But why?

According to what circulates (and believe it or not), Cassidy was not necessarily the most appreciated in the locker room of the Bruins. Some players weren’t against changing guards behind the bench, it was rumored.

Could this have a link to Patrice Bergeron? The links are easy to make (for those who want to lend themselves to the game, of course) since the captain of the formation does not yet know if he will return to the game next year.

Questioned on the subject by the journalist Stéphane Cadorette (JdeQ), the native of Quebec said that he was surprised by the dismissal of his coach and that he wanted to kill the rumors that the order came from his side.

The captain was clear: he did not know that Cassidy was going to lose his job, he feels sorry for him… and above all, it is a mistake to think that this will affect his decision to return or not.

He left no doubt: He didn’t tell the Bruins that he would return only if Cassidy wasn’t there.

It’s completely unfounded, so I won’t put any energy into it.

It’s a waste of time and it’s really dumb speculation. –Patrice Bergeron

I tend to believe it. We can obviously be wrong, but I don’t think I’m the type of former Kent Hughes client to go in there with such claims to management.

The identity of the next acting coach in Boston won’t change Bergeron’s decision, and he’s still thinking.

A lot of

– Let’s see Joshua Roy. He could really play.

– A Quebecois as reinforcement for Springfield.

– Excellent observation.

– Good deal.

– Great for everyone.

– Good news for Quebecers.

– Disturbing, actually.

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