Popular, but not drinkable

Even without a cake, Leo’s future is bright!

They are too rare and benevolent comedies like Lionfrom Club illico, who scrutinize the everyday life of ordinary people without denigrating their simpler way of life, planted light years away from Mile-Ex’s $8 matcha lattes.

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Lion, is touching, sweet, funny and stripped of sarcasm. In each of the 22-minute episodes, the harmony between the funny lines and the tender moments is never broken. It is an exercise in balance well mastered and maintained by actors gifted for both drama and comedy.

The fourth season of this series imagined by Fabien Cloutier, online from Thursday on Videotron’s Illico Club, delves delicately and intelligently into the upheavals experienced, while trying to hide them, by the inhabitants of Walton, a fictional town in Beauce.

The fourth chapter of Lion begins five years after the end of the third. The son of Léo (Fabien Cloutier) and Cindy (Marie-Laurence Moreau), the red-haired Paul (Alexi Robidoux), starts kindergarten in the class of Mme Charlotte (Raphaëlle Lalande), an authoritarian and cold teacher, trained in cadets.

Poor Paul hates school and hates his too “strict” teacher, which creates friction between his parents.

The first three episodes of lion 4 examines the increasingly strained relationship between Leo and Cindy, caught up in the whirlwind of family routine. Léo no longer works at Dubeau Gateaux and dedicates himself entirely to the orchard he bought with his best friend Chabot (Steve Laplante).

At the bakery, Cindy replaces boss Jacynthe (Catherine Chabot) and her schedule overflows everywhere, encroaching on marital activities.

There is also water in the gas of the second pivot pair in the series. Lion, namely Chabot and Karine (Sylvie De Morais-Nogueira). Karine discovered wine, according to her boyfriend, and she doesn’t hesitate to drink several bottles during the week. Chabot and Karine will dip their big toes into the risky “open couple” pool and find that (item crossed out for disclosure).

Lion draws its strength from the beauty of its colorful and endearing characters.

The second episode contains an anthology scene with the two outspoken sisters Jessica and Chantale, played by Anne Dorval and Sandrine Bisson. They are tasty, the two hairdressers. We should have written them more answers.

Nothing goes by incognito under the skillful nose of the earthy Jessica: “Léo, you know, I’m like Marie-Claude Barrette. I look out at the world and pick up her emotions right away. »

My favorite is still Pouliot (Hubert Proulx), also known as Poule-Djotte. His laugh worthy of the Exorcist deserves its own cell phone ringtone. Special mention to the little Maiden, the son of Dugars (Sébastien Dubé), who also attends the nursery and who draws tattoos of nude dancers with felt-tip pens.

And even if Léo no longer sees them at work, all of Dubeau Gateaux’s employees return, including Landry (Mario Jean), Drouin (Simon Lacroix), and Perreault (Guillaume Cyr), who becomes paranoid when an artisan tart shop opens its doors. in the village. .

As for Couture (Marc Labrèche), the new volunteer retiree who is fond of ponchos, gives a boost to the garden without learning to shut up, of course.

For the first time in five seasons, all of Leo’s friends live together, including the slimy Bourdon (Luc Boucher). This will lead to a very special celebration of love, bringing together the entire gang of “winners”, including McDonald (Vincent Leclerc), who makes an all-too-brief appearance there.

In the sixth episode, Reynald (Pierre Lebeau) returns from Europe with terrible news. He will move in with his brother Yvon (Julien Poulin) to decide. Cindy’s mother, played by Micheline Bernard, now lives in a nursing home, where her Alzheimer’s is progressing.

It’s rare that television shows fundamentally good and vulnerable characters whose hearts are in the right place. Lionthat’s all, no pettiness, but with a lot of teasing.

Gala desperately seeks public

Unsurprisingly, Sunday’s Québec Cinéma Gala didn’t blow up the Numeris devices, far from it. The Quebec cinema celebration ceremony was seen by 468,000 people, almost the same audience as last year (451,000). In 2018, the same seventh art festival attracted 720,000 spectators, compared to 600,000 in 2019. The gala was not broadcast in 2020 due to the pandemic.

If it had been better, this gala would have worked better, because there was no competition on the other channels. TVA presented the Opération Enfant Soleil telethon, Noovo showed films and Télé-Québec offered a recording of the musical program The waves of Petite-Vallée.

The most popular show on Sunday night was The goose that lays the golden eggs on TVA with 687,000 viewers tuned in. Discovery Radio-Canada (471,000) rose to second place on the Sunday charts. Fascinating, as Charles Tisseyre would say.

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