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Irma Vepe | The brilliant series of the remake of a remake

There are several levels of reading and setting in the abyss in the fun and dense miniseries irma see from HBO, so let’s make it as simple as possible, okay?

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Let’s close an urgent file right away: irma see not referring to the supercharged game The mystery of Irma Vep with Serge Postigo, Éric Bernier and his arsenal of funky wigs.

irma see —an anagram of the word vampire— first takes us back to the movie Olivier Assayas shot in 1996 with his partner at the time, the stunning Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung. and what was it irma see in 1996 ? The story of the chaotic shooting of a real silent movie, The vampiresdirected by Louis Feuillade in 1915.

Are you still following? It’s good. I googled everything so you don’t have to. So Irma Vep is the name of the heroine of the cult film. The vampires, divided into ten episodes of about forty minutes each. The Parisian actress Musidora – muse of the surrealists – encamped in 1915 this Irma Vep, a sulphurous femme fatale, one of the first vampiresses of French cinema.

That’s it for the appetizer. Let’s continue. Twenty-six years after the creation of his own film, Olivier Assayas (Carlos, Cleansed) rearrange irma see in a French-American television series of eight one-hour episodes for HBO, which the Crave platform offers in English and in a French version with subtitles.

The plot of 2022 remains the same as in 1996, but the actors change, of course. Basically, it’s a remake of a remake, orchestrated by the same person (Olivier Assayas).

Very meta as a concept. It is a sophisticated series of nested Russian nesting dolls.

yes, reading irma see it can seem self-referential and hermetic. It is not. If I, who have difficulty following a lottery The goose that lays the golden eggs Without losing track, I managed to embark on irma see, everyone can. Yolo the gang.

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series scene irma see

In the irma see of 2022, the excellent Alicia Vikander (the danish girl, former machine) plays a young American actress who is a hit at box office hits, which she gets tired of. Disheartened and in search of professional credibility, she accepts the role of Irma Vep in the new version of the film. The vampires from 1915, prepared by a renowned filmmaker whom he admires.

The Hollywood star, therefore, arrives in Paris for several months and immerses himself in this fascinating project, which drives the entire production team a little crazy, let’s say.

there is a flap call my agent super fun in irma see. It’s full of self-mockery, behind-the-scenes secrets, and attacks on the not-so-healthy movie industry. On the set, a completely angry German actor (Lars Eidinger) freezes himself with crack every day. A young first (Vincent Lacoste) multiplies the star crises.

The costume designer (Jeanne Balibar) improvises as a drug dealer and rebels against the dictatorship of the service sheets. And the neurotic director (Vincent Macaigne), the alter ego of Olivier Assayas, survives thanks to the powerful drugs he ingests.

irma see it was filmed in the City of Light with a host of French actors. The dialogues deftly dance between the languages ​​of Shakespeare and Molière. The most surprising thing is the shape. The realization, both modern and retro, is sublime.

Olivier Assayas inserts several restored scenes from the film The vampires of 1915 in the episodes ofirma see from 2022, as well as adding shots from her 1996 film, where Maggie Cheung dons the mysterious vampire’s famous black cat T-shirt.

Confusing, the first episode, the only one available at the moment on Crave, does not do justice to this work full of pretty winks. In the third episode, this multi-layered TV series reveals its full potential through skilfully intertwined different eras and Olivier Assayas’s reflections on art and celebrity.

I know, that sounds pretentious and pedantic. It is not. He’s downright funny and smart. Episodes are released in dribs and drabs on Mondays.

West Borgenclutter?

Many of you questioned me after the publication of my column about the fourth season of Borgen, coming to Netflix on June 2. Basically, I summarize your messages: Despite all my research, I can’t find Borgen 4 on Netflix, only the first three seasons are online, you made a mistake, would there be a problem with my account?

No, your Netflix is ​​not faulty. And yes, the fourth chapter of Borgen is currently offered. To view it, type Borgen: power and glory in the search tool. Netflix grouped the first three seasons under the Borgen tab and placed the fourth, apart, in the box Borgen: power and glory.

Well, it wasn’t more complicated than that. As we say in Denmark: selv tak!

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