I fell in love with the Elden Ring, even though I hate all the Dark Souls in this world.

I fell in love with the Elden Ring, even though I hate all the Dark Souls in this world.

I never really understood the appeal of Dark souls and other FromSoftware games, which I associate more with video game masochism than anything else.

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Yes, there’s the challenge aspect, the desire to outdo oneself and overcome difficulties, but if I’m going to break a sweat for a night, I might as well make myself some spaghetti sauce or try to wash the relatively inaccessible corners of my shower.

There are people for whom it is frankly a way of life, spending hours studying the movements of an enemy to perhaps have the opportunity to defeat them after 12 hours of failed attempts. I respect it, but personally it’s not my thing.

So you will understand that whenelden ring was released last February to an avalanche of rave reviews, I found myself a bit stuck.

Caught between my disdain for Dark souls and my curiosity about the supposedly amazing open world of the Lands Between. Caught between my fear of throwing away $80 by buying a game I don’t really like and my fear of missing out on something important by being picky.

The famous FOMO“fear of missing out” as the English would say, however, overcame reason and I ended up buying the latest FromSoftware title on a whim.

Mainly because I was afraid of missing something.

Well, about three months later, I have to say it was one of the best impulsive decisions I’ve made to date.

I am now a convert to the great religion ofelden ring. And if I am here today, it is to preach the good news. Hallelujah!

Go on an adventure, really

I agree, I did not find the first few minutes ofelden ring so reassuring. After creating your fun character (mine has icy tips and a chin the length of the Burj Khalifa) and selected their assets, they show you in a kind of vault, where there is a meager tutorial.

Screenshot Raphaël Lavoie / FromSoftware

Meet my brave adventurer

the regulars of Dark souls They will say that it is a great luxury. For my part… I would say yes, indeed, it is a tutorial. But that doesn’t really equip you to stay up late. Which means that when you leave a few minutes later and finally land in the Lands Between world, buttock! Literally and figuratively. Not even three minutes passed before a huge knight had already made me swallow my magician’s staff.

“Okay, $80 for crap,” I thought.

Except, around the same time, and possibly hoping I hadn’t completely burned through a month’s worth of Hydro on a game that would forever gather dust on a shelf in my basement, I remembered thatelden ring took place in a huge open world.

So I bypassed the famous gentleman and went… to another place! Then, from path to path, I met characters, visited caves, dungeons. I crossed enemy camps, I saw a dragon. I found a good shield and learned how to use it. I was gifted an amazing mystical horse and kept exploring. Over and over again.

Image courtesy of Software

Obviously I died without counting during the first hours. And always as much, if not more, later. Many times, I put myself in an untenable situation, where I was too much, but too weak for the league. But unlike the Dark souls of this world, I didn’t have to constantly rack my brain over the same enemy, the same region. I could go!

This freedom is only amplified by the absence of a list of missions, both main and secondary, and the absence at the beginning of points of interest or clues on your map. Each surprise is really one.

Which leads me to say that rarely in my life have I explored an open world that felt so organic, so alive. every time i open elden ringI really feel like I’m going on an adventure with my virtual alter ego with peroxide hair.

Image courtesy of Software

There is not an hour without discovery, without astonishment and, obviously, without a few oaths thrown in a somewhat liberal way. But that’s the beauty of it. You never really feel safe, and more often than not, you have to know how to use your instincts and guts.

There is something very real and, at the same time, very visceral about elden ring. It’s not an adventure game… it’s an adventure simulator!

git gud Or not git gudsuch is the question

I touched on the subject a few paragraphs above, but I insist here: elden ring It’s no easier than previous FromSoftware games. On the contrary! And of course, I seem to be contradicting myself after saying loud and clear that video game masochism was not my cup of tea.

Here, however, this difficulty can be overcome in ways other than repetition. Knowing the movements of bosses and other enemies is still ideal and often even quite essential, but there are other avenues to make your journey easier.

It’s true that difficulty levels are still and always absent, but whether it’s finding the right weapons, molding your character to suit your playstyle, or exploring (and leveling up) a bit more than necessary before of facing a particularly tenacious boss, there is a way to play elden ring without being in a perpetual state of frustration.

Image courtesy of Software

I speak from experience, being myself a gamer with quite limited patience, who has never been ashamed to lower the level of difficulty of a game a notch (or two), in this sense, I have the impression that the famous belief that it is absolutely necessary git gud (improving, in the great Internet jargon) to reproduce a work of FromSoftware fades with elden ring.

We get along, it’s not the last kirby, but due to its structure and the huge playground it offers, we are constantly improving, and this, without necessarily realizing it. And in the space of a few hours, a boss that previously seemed intractable to us suddenly becomes much more manageable.

Like the exploration, the progression is surprisingly organic. I repeat, it is difficult, but, in the end, it is significantly less frustrating than one might think.

It’s for games like elden ring what do we play

I don’t know about you, but when I get into a new game, I want to be surprised (pleasantly, it goes without saying) and have an experience, if possible, that I’ve never had before. . I want to be amazed, pushed. Feel things, finally.

After all, that’s what we play for: the completely exhilarating feeling of taking our first steps into a unique universe. I’m still nostalgic for my first solid metal gearmy first crash bandicoot. The magnificent slap I received on my proverbial face when I jumped into the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

elden ring made me live this same kind of tall videogame. This precious feeling of discovering your next favorite game, which will live with you long after you leave the controller.

Image courtesy of Software

For me, elden ring it’s a masterpiece, a game that only happens a few times per generation. Skeptics, go ahead and confuse yourselves! the hypeI assure you, it is very true.

And that, I say from the top of my many years of experience as a reviewer of FromSoftware games.

You’re going to like this, I’m telling you.


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