Alex Ovechkin pictured with the leader of the Young Russian Army

Alex Ovechkin pictured with the leader of the Young Russian Army

many of them called boycott Russian athletes in connection with the war in Ukraine.

Dominik Hasek would have liked the NHL to ban any player born in Russia.

L’IIHF banned Russian players from its most recent competitions. FIFA too.

The NHL did not receive a single player who played in a Russian league during its set from last week

Hockey junior Canadian will not allow its teams to select a Russian player this summer.

The tennis world has closed the door to Russian athletes on a few occasions in 2022.

However, the only surviving series currently in the NHL features two Russian goalkeepers (who are also the two best in the world in my opinion at the moment).

Some thinkers will say that if a player has not positioned pro-Russian in connection with the war in Ukraine, he can play in the NHL. The case of Alex Ovechkin, who claimed to be for peace (who isn’t?), but who still has a portrait of Vladimir Putin and him as a profile picture on Instagram, gave a lot to talk about a few weeks ago.

And obviously, Ovechkin has not finished speaking.

Unlike several Russian athletes who play in North America (such as Alexander Romanov in particular), the Capitals forward has decided to return to Russia this summer. And earlier this week, a photo of him alongside the leader of the Young Russian Army (Russian Youth Army) led to social media. Because yes, Putin has a young army…

You can learn more about this young Russian army by reading this article from the Express Euro Maidan. Basically young people from 8 to 17 years old are selected to enlist in the cadets and of course to make patriotic propaganda. However, we can learn from the previous article that Vladimir Putin would have approved a law to be able to use these young people in case of need during its war against Ukraine.

The boy next to Ovechkin in the photo is Nikita Nagornyy, a 25-year-old former gymnast turned director of the young russian army. He is the leader of this young army. He is/will/would therefore be directly involved in the process of sending young men to war…

And she takes photos with Alex Ovechkin in her spare time!

Of course, Ovechkin will be able to defend himself by saying that he did not know the boy/fan in question and that he did not know that he was the head of the young russian army…public figures do not know the past of all the people with whom they appear in the photo.

But there’s still a chance that he knew him, you know.

And in any case, I’m not sure that if a journalist questions him in this sense, he will dare to distance himself from the Russian power and its tentacles. You could quickly find yourself in a difficult position…

In short, returning to Russia, Ovechkin exposed. If the war continues, he might have trouble returning to North America in September (both legally and in terms of image). Will he have other obstacles along the way in his race for the first goalscorer in NHL history?

A lot of

– This crazy streak involving Jaromir Jagr is over.

– The son of the famous Bob McKenzie – and employee of Sportsnet – has been arrested by the police.

– Place Bell will be extremely loud tonight.

– Patrick Roy has no mind in the NHL. He still talks about a possible career in the media…

– Therefore, Joshua Roy will obviously have to wait a little longer before playing a first professional match.

– There were a lot of (significant) injuries in Edmonton.


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