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Ahead of the Xbox and Bethesda event on June 12, Microsoft invited the media and now the public to various announcements about the expanding Xbox ecosystem, including an app launching first available only on Samsung Smart TVs, cloud expansion , new tools for indie developers with Project Moocroft, and new game features and improvements in Microsoft Edge.

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Bring your own games to Xbox Cloud Gaming

  • Later this year, Microsoft will offer Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members the ability to play games they already own or have purchased outside of the Xbox Game Pass library from the cloud.


Xbox games on your Samsung Smart TV

  • Microsoft is partnering with Samsung to bring the Xbox app to 2022 smart TVs so you can play cloud-enabled Game Pass Ultimate games without a console.
  • This means hundreds of cloud-enabled games in the Game Pass Ultimate library will be playable on non-console smart TVs.
  • Playing Xbox games on Samsung 2022 TVs would be a smooth experience similar to using any other streaming app on your TV. Starting June 30.
  • New to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? You can register and benefit from your first month for only 1$ USD.

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Above: Xbox app menu interface on a Samsung Smart TV

Cloud Gaming Expansion

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) launches in Argentina and New Zealand on June 9.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in Argentina and New Zealand can play hundreds of games from the cloud on Android phones and tablets, iOS devices, Windows PCs, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, and soon on smart TVs with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. launch partner Samsung.
  • Players in Argentina and New Zealand can play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming for free and without a subscription.

Moorcroft Project

  • Project Moorcroft is a program that will bring the fun and discovery of playing select new demos of upcoming games to Xbox Game Pass members.
  • The program will begin rolling out over the next year, beginning with giving independent developers around the world more opportunities to gain data and generate buzz for their games.
  • Participating developers will be able to see their demos perform, and Microsoft will compensate developers who participate in the program, allowing them to bring their creativity to Xbox and reach new audiences with Game Pass.


New gaming features in Microsoft Edge

  • Games new tab page – A personalized gaming homepage with news, game guides, live streams, game highlights, tournaments, upcoming games, and the Xbox Cloud Gaming library, which includes easy access to recently played games and related content.
  • Clarity Boost – Built-in Clarity Boost makes cloud gaming sharper and clearer when playing in the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows.
  • game menu : Provides easy access to popular free games like Microsoft Solitaire, Atari Asteroids, Microsoft Jewel, and Microsoft Edge’s exclusive Surf game, and helps you discover new ones.
  • efficiency mode – Helps improve the performance of games in Windows 10 and 11 to run quickly and smoothly by automatically reducing browser resource usage when launching a PC game.

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Game updates for Windows 11

  • Windowed gaming optimizations are designed to dramatically improve latency and unlock other gaming features like auto HDR and variable refresh rate (VRR). This is currently being tested in the Windows Insider Program; Learn more on this blog.
  • A new HDR calibration app will allow gamers to improve the color accuracy and consistency of their HDR displays. Learn more in this blog.
  • Game Pass Widget will allow gamers to browse and discover Game Pass games and return to recently played titles.
  • The control bar features a list of the latest games and shortcuts to popular game launchers, including the Xbox app. The control bar allows gamers to return to their games or even access Xbox Cloud Gaming without the need for a mouse and keyboard. This is currently being tested in the Windows Insider Program; learn more in this blog post.


Xbox Design Lab

Xbox Design Lab allows gamers around the world to express their personality and opens up billions of possible combinations. Starting June 9, we will expand this audience and the range of customization options and colors.

  • This includes new pastel colors: soft pink, soft orange, soft green, and soft purple. Plus new Camo top shells with matching side caps: Mineral Camo, Arctic Camo, Forest Camo, Sandglow Camo and Blaze Camo.
  • Xbox Design Lab will launch in 11 new countries: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, with the addition of Taiwan later this summer.

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