Witness the death of the Rocket (2021-22) up close

Witness the death of the Rocket (2021-22) up close

On Tuesday night, I felt within me a call from the freedom freedom, gender…and I headed to Springfield, Massachusetts on a whim. Why drive to Springfield? go to see simpsons nuclear power plant Game #7 of the Eastern Finals between Rocket and Thunderbirds.

Say the Adirondack highways, my seedy hotel down the road and my airbnb in Springfield they were not as beautiful and liberating as in my dreams. I have to give an A+ to the owner of my besides for a day for having managed to do magic by doing your 5 ½ magic in the application. No big deal, I was going to watch a #7 match!

Richard Labbé said yesterday morning in La Presse that there were some areas that were not frequented at night in Springfield, a very poor town. Not only did I frequent that area, Richard, I spent the night there. I hope my car is still there as I write these few lines to you…

What do I remember from the match and (especially) its sides?

1. Charlie Lindgren may have performed the performance of its life against his former team. Lindgren blocked all 34 shots directed at him to shut down the Rocket and advance to the AL Grand Final. Preferring him over Joel Hofer (rotation) was the right call last night.

Lindgren and Cayden Primeau were seen giving each other a long hug during the post-match handshake. The two boys respect each other a lot.

two. Cayden Primeau also had a great night despite allowing three goals. At some point in the game, he was 10-for-29 in shooting for the Thunderbirds. Primeau has nothing to be ashamed of; he multiplied the spectacular stops. Unfortunately, it took his team too long to start playing hockey.

3. The Rocket was overpowered by the T-birds, especially early in the game. The opponent hit, shot, won one-on-one battles, controlled the match, etc. The Rocket tried to get back into the game third, But it was too late. The Thunderbirds dominated much of the series and were not robbed of their spot in the finals.

Four. Alex Belzile missed an empty goal at 1-0 for the Thunderbirds. He could have changed the face of the meeting.

5. The Rocket players, especially the many Quebecers on the team, showed a lot of heart and courage, but in the end they were tired, burned out (physically and mentally), injured… and smaller than the T-birds. He showed up last night. Honestly, they didn’t deserve it last night…

The best team won last night, that is all.

That does not prevent us from appreciating and applauding the pride run that the Rocket gave us this spring. Happiness! And thanks!

I honestly don’t think the Rocket, many of whose players made faces after each appearance, would have been able to deliver a quality final against the Chicago Wolves. For all the reasons listed above.

6. I was sitting directly behind the Rocket bench with my colleagues and friends Charles-Alexis Brisebois and Renaud Bourbonnais. Honestly, I felt like I was in the boys bubble and a little too close. We were several Québécois… and some Holy from our area were heard for much of the evening, eh eh.

7. Is there atmosphere in Mutual Center of Masses? The short answer is Yes. That said, the Rocket and its supporters are no match for the Thunderbirds and their somewhat dated arena. Also, since the Rocket was never really in the game, we never got to fully feel the excitement and intensity of a #7 match. Shame!

We haven’t really seen the Rocket able to respond to physical play from T-birds. Midnight had struck for our Cinderella Laval. The team lacked raw talent (Jesse Ylonen in particular) and a few pounds (muscle), but they fought until the last moment. Hat!

8. The Thunderbirds were 0 in 29 before yesterday’s game power play. They scored two goals with a three-man advantage. the play it may have happened there. Note that the Rocket did not take advantage of its two numerical advantages.

9. The overtime loss to Laval in Game #5 hurts (still).

10 Charles-Alexis, Renaud and I were so close to the players’ bench, an old-time stadium, that one of us was even able to joke around and mimic Kelly Buchberger at the start of the game. With 3-0, there was no more interaction…

eleven This exceptional course of the Rocket is something excellent for the organization of the Canadian although in the end, very few future nhl players participated in these 2022 playoffs. The Rocket have become one of the best organizations in the AHL this year, thanks in part to their fans, and I’m sure that will convince some players straddling two leagues to agree to sign with the Montreal Canadiens. in the future (short term). Especially Quebecers…

When you know you have a chance to finish the season in the American League, you look for a good organization, you know.

12 My colleague Renaud Bourbonnais enjoyed the evening at $2 a beer (until first intermission), just like the old days at the Expos, and socialized with various supporters of the T-birds. At the end of the night, he was singing. Come on Poutine come on! with guys who only know one thing about Quebec: poutine. No, Renaud did not play politics last night … although at some point he had to endure the few fuck trudeau one’s fan from the Thunderbirds who had also clearly benefited from the $2-a-beer evening.

13 the pubs and the games on the big screen of the Thunderbirds were from another era. And the crowd wasn’t really participating…

14 Matthew Peca, James Neal, Anthony Joshua, Will Bitten and Charlies Lindgren clearly deserve their place in the final. The Thunderbirds are built for success. They have no apparent weakness.

fifteen. The Rocket, which returned to Laval last night, will not have to fly to Chicago tomorrow or Friday. The boys are now on vacation.

sixteen. One of the few available restrooms at the MassMutual Center had to be closed due to a backflow of water. It smelled like death… and the line for the other restrooms was endless! No, it wasn’t very NHL as a setting and yes, we might miss Laval at times!

17 The face of the Rocket will change greatly next season. Jordan Harris, Mattias Norlinder, Arber Xhekaj, Emil Heineman, Kaiden Guhle, Justin Barron and other aspiring organizations could join the heart of the gang of players who played yesterday. Will Xavier Ouellet, JS Dea, Cédric Paquette, Louie Belpedio, Sami Niku and Alex Belzile return? Will they sign a new contract with CH? Some will leave, some will come back… I can’t wait to see what happens this summer with the Rocket.

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