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Gemini Award | The Year of Huguette and Audrey

No clear leader in 37me race for the Gemini Awards, where two excellent series start tied with 13 mentions each.

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Is about that’s how i love you 2 and D’audrey came backtwo super original productions whose media careers took off on paid platforms before crossing over (eventually) to traditional television.


Florence Longpre in audrey came back. In addition to playing the title character, the actress co-wrote the series with Guillaume Lambert.

The overwhelming amount of good television ratings, one of the best vintages in a long time, has excluded series from the honor roll that would have easily surpassed the top 5 in a quieter year, let’s say. Before the flower and cream of the entertainment world, the revelation of the finalists caused pleasant surprises, but also several disappointments for those who were excluded from the gala on September 18, still heated by Véronique Cloutier, less and less heated since Lotus-Menus.

In the prestigious and tough drama series category, Bell Media dominates with three of the five finalists: the thriller One way (Noovo), the sports drama Turn (Noovo) and detective thrillers a criminal case (Longs) From memory, this is unheard of for Bell Media, which now plays in the same AAA league as Radio-Canada and TVA.

that’s how i love you Y raspberry time complete the main quintet. They were excluded from this coveted category the red bracelets, get me out of me, Robot sketch, wildlife handbook, After, default 2, Plan B 3, Reasonable doubt, The man who loved too much Y White Night. It gives you an idea of ​​the ferocity of the competition that reigns there.

This last year has been strong and fertile in high-quality series. My heart oscillates between One way Y that’s how i love youwith a preference for the feminist caïds of Sainte-Foy.

Plan B, the red bracelets, Reasonable doubt, After Y wildlife handbook however, he would have deserved more than crumbs. Chaos Y a family bondtwo very average titles, they also collected shots, as expected.

in comedy, The happiness by François Avard was not selected, as was The Brotherhood, Counteroffer, the blue house 3 Y Neither do I. Therefore, it will be played between audrey came back, Guys, no date, eye of the storm 2 Y surviving their children. More oversight here: Lion of Fabien Cloutier, whom the Academy unfairly snubbed, let’s see. Leo far exceeds surviving their children. Prediction: It is in the pocket for audrey came back.

once again nothing 5me Range in soap operas. Frankly. The fight will be between District 31, Lifetime, Us, The escape Y the perfect moments. There is no selection here for the blue hour Y another story. District 31 will win for the last time.

For another obscure reason, none of the actors and actresses in District 31 It was noticed in the main roles of soap operas. Among the men, surprise, three actors fromalerts (Danny Gilmore, Frédéric Pierre and Guy Jodoin) as well as Roy Dupuis (Lifetime) and Emile Proulx-Cloutier (the perfect moments) will compete for the trophy. I think Émile Proulx-Cloutier will thank the microphone.

On the women’s side, two young actresses from the telenovela Us (Club illico), namely Marianne Fortier and Laetitia Isambert. They will face the experienced Chantal Fontaine (The escape), Sophie Pregent (alerts) and Marina Orsini (another story). For the very emotional last moments of Anemone Leduc, Marina Orsini will grab the statuette.

Vincent Leclerc shines twice among dramatic actors for his participation in Plan B 3 and to get me out of me. Your opponents? Lucas Picard (One way), Edison Ruiz (Francisco in raspberry time) and Steve Laplante (After). Notable absences: Patrice Robitaille and François Létourneau de that’s how i love you. My vote goes to Luc Picard.

Even in the drama, it’s super hard to decide between Marilyn Castonguay (that’s how i love you), Sandrine Bisson (raspberry time), Anne-Elisabeth Bossé (Plan B), Celine Bonnier (a criminal case) and Martine Francke (The world of Gabrielle Roy). My choice: The Devil’s Eye by Huguette Delisle.

In comic women, the two main performers ofaudrey came back (Florence Longpré and Josée Deschênes) outshine 2021 winner Christine Beaulieu of eye of the storm ? Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin (surviving their children) and Rachel Graton (a family bond) close the podium. The Gemini will go to Florence Longpré.


Denis Bouchard and Josée Deschênes in audrey came back

The comedians chosen by the Academy are called Denis Bouchard (audrey came back), Guy Nadón (the blue House), Michel Charette (The happiness), Alexis Martin (Guys) and Mani Soleymanlou (surviving their children). Verdict: Denis Bouchard, for the nuance and realism of his interpretation.

Nope if we loved each otherofisland of love or of Big Brother Celebrities on reality shows, but a battle between wooden heads, Love is in the air, in the eye of the dragonthe newspaper star academy Y DO in the West. The comedy between two sheets was recorded in the humorous series where it will be measured against soly club, beat club, infoman Y Laugh without taboos.

A feat, to finish. In addition to his nomination for Afteractor Steve Laplante adds three more for his supporting roles in Lion, that’s how i love you Y forever, not a day. This talent that is displayed in so many different registers is impressive.

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