“Could the Edmundson contract be bought?  - an executive to a reporter close to Canadians

“Could the Edmundson contract be bought? – an executive to a reporter close to Canadians

The Stanley Cup was won on Sunday night in Tampa Bay, which had the effect of plunging us right into the offseason in the NHL.

The draft, the transactions that go withdevelopment camp, the opening of the free agent market… the beginning of summer is always my favorite time as hockey fan. Especially when the team you follow comes from compete in the Stanle Cup Finalfinish there in the last place of the general classification…

However, this effervescent period in rumors of all kinds also comes with its share of conflicting information. me erroneous and its few unrealistic speculations. It is so. It is what it is.

The wild rumor of the day is this: an NHL leader would have raised the possibility of seeing the Canadian buy Joel Edmundson’s contract.

Hey? of kosse?

All this from an article written by Jimmy Murphy on the site MontrealHockeyNow in which he indicates having argued with a leader (of a team?) in the NHL … and being asked the following question: Is Joel Edmundson a candidate for a possible purchase this summer?

Murphy, who is also the publisher of the site in question, reportedly replied Nope.

Generally it is the journalists who question the leaders, but hey…

Did this discussion really take place? It can.

What is the exact job of this alleged NHL executive? We do not know.

No, Jimmy Murphy does not claim to have heard the rumor that Joel Edmundson’s contract could be bought out. He still claims to have overheard a manager wondering if Edmundson’s contract could be bought out (between July 1 and July 12, if I understand the new CBA correctly).

Is it a rumour? Nope! Is this speculation? Not even! Is this news? Yes, insofar as Jimmy Murphy is telling the truth, there is at least one executive in the NHL’s inner circle who dared to wonder if Joel Edmundson was going to be redeemedthen released by the Canadian. Why then? This leader may be dreaming of seeing Edmundson march toward complete autonomy…

Is that possible? Nope! Joel Edmundson is much more likely to be named CH captain than to see him buy the contract from him.

I repeat myself: the Canadian begins a period of reconstruction, or at least of transition. he wouldn’t have NONE advantage of distributing the salary and above all the cap blow of Edmondson. The short term is not important for the team, it is the medium long term that now matters. This is what explains the Dadonov vs Weber transaction…

Why would you want to mortgage team payroll in 2024-25 and 2025-26 when you can only keep AND PLAY Edmundson in the next two individual campaigns cap blow very reasonable $3.5 million? It wouldn’t make any sense! Especially since he may be trying to win it all in 2025-26 and thus needs every available accounting dollar under the cap.

(Credit: CapFriendly.com)

Wanting to get rid of Edmundson, would you trade him, that is all.

And for those who think that Edmundson’s back is not will hold not two more years, I know there would be the LTIR for this. And if you think you know Edmundson’s state of health, tell yourself that he and the CH know it. MUCH more than you. And that you cannot buy the contract of an injured player, if that were the case…

If Kent Hughes needs accounting space Y that Carey Price wants to try to make a comeback in the game, she will target Petry, Hoffman, Drouin, Dvorak or Armia more than Edmundson.

What a crazy scenario of buying Edmundson’s contract…

Instead, let’s take the time to wish the director in question a happy birthday.

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