behind my chair |  The Small World of Edith Cochrane and Isabelle Brouillette

behind my chair | The Small World of Edith Cochrane and Isabelle Brouillette

What is hidden behind the living room furniture? Dust, certainly, but still? You can find misplaced objects, fallen food crumbs, busy insects… It is in this miniature world that actresses Édith Cochrane and Isabelle Brouillette immerse us in their first children’s book, behind my chair.

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veronique larocque

veronique larocque

Did Edith Cochrane dream of publishing a children’s book? No. Isabelle Brouillette didn’t think to reveal her passion for watercolor either.

But then one night, while preparing dinner, the former co-host of tv kids He began to imagine a child who makes up stories from objects he finds behind the couch in his living room. “The idea came to me very quickly. The whole structure appeared to me”, recalls Édith Cochrane.

He hurriedly took notes: popcorn waiting for his friends to celebrate, ants about to go on a trip, spiders visiting a snot museum…

All the little comic scenes found in behind my chair they were recorded in a mini-notebook. “Besides, I still have that sheet. I would have to find her”, intervenes Isabelle Brouillette.

Because Edith Cochrane was not left alone for long on this project. “I took a photo of my notes. I sent it to Isabelle. I said, “Hey! I have an idea for a children’s book, would you like to do the drawings?’”. To which she replied: “Leave it clean. We’ll talk about that again,” laughs the one she played with in the National Improv League for years.

Installed in the courtyard of Isabelle Brouillette, the two friends obviously have a lot of fun remembering the beginning of this adventure. Although one signs the texts and the other the images, they worked as a team to develop the imaginary world that unfolds behind the olive green armchair.

It was done four hands. […] We ate a lot.

Isabelle Brouillette

A bit like this interview where Edith Cochrane finishes Isabelle Brouillette’s sentences, and vice versa.


laughs in interview

Born shortly before the pandemic, this project was “really a lifesaver” for the actresses. When everything stopped professionally for them, imagining this album together on Zoom brought them joy. “Creating the characters and making them talk made us laugh a lot,” says Isabelle Brouillette.

Also for the pleasure of parents.

Although the book is primarily aimed at children, the author and illustrator had “parents very much in mind” during its creation. “We wanted to make them laugh. I also wanted to challenge them in the game. […] It was very important to me that the dialogues were written in a way that they felt they could play the characters”, explains Isabelle Brouillette.

When a child likes a book, he doesn’t read it twice. You read it a hundred times.

Edith Cochrane

The duo hope parents enjoy reading behind my chair as many times as the young people want to listen to it.

A volume 2 in preparation

When the photographer arrives from PressIsabelle Brouillette offers to take her olive green chair out to the alley for the photo shoot. The one on the cover? Yes, the piece of furniture that inspired the style and color of the armchair in history.

The actress admits to being a bit intimidated by the idea of ​​drawing a children’s book, particularly because of the talent of Quebec illustrators. “I worked hard exploring colors and styles,” she says. “She never stopped training,” reveals Édith Cochrane. “I took lessons,” confirms Isabelle Brouillette, detailing her background.

“My idea that appeared, took many hours of work,” jokes the author. “He put me in the juice”, approves her friend.

At the end of behind my chairwe assume a sequel is in the works. Under my bed it will once again be an immersion in the imagination of a child and the way he looks at forgotten objects. The two books are “an invitation to take the time to dwell on the little things that surround us,” the actresses conclude.

behind my chair

behind my chair

Editions La Bagnole

From 4 years

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