After 10 months in a river, this lost iPhone still works

After 10 months in a river, this lost iPhone still works

A man had dropped his iPhone XR in the water during a canoe trip during a bachelor party and thought he had lost it forever. However, a hiker found it 10 months later and this iPhone still works.

An iPhone that lived in water for a few months // Source: Cinderford Noticeboard Facebook group via BBC

Rice is not always required to store your phone. But this story shows you that you should never give up on your smartphone, which contains a number of valuable documents, photos and memories. In August 2021, Owain Davies, then engaged to Fiona Gardner and celebrating a stag party, dropped his iPhone XR into the water while canoeing with a friend in the UK, in Cinderford on the River Wye. Both men fell after their boat capsized. Owain Davies had his phone in his back pocket and realized he was gone.

He thought he had lost it forever but luckily someone found it and it still works.

River lifeguard saves iPhone from drowning

Miguel Pacheco was canoeing down the River Wye with his family in early June 2022, some 10 months later. He entrusts the BBC have seen “something blue floating in the waterwhile on a small boat with her daughter. At first she was hopeless as the phone was full of water. However, she decided to do whatever she could to try to save him. “jI know if I lost my phone, I have a lot of pictures of my kids, I know I would want them back.»

Even after 10 months under water, this iPhone XR works (even with this charging cable) // Source: Cinderford Noticeboard Facebook Group

Once he got home, he dried it using an air line and compressor. Miguel Pacheco then placed him in a ventilation cabinet overnight. The next day, he tries to load it and surprises ”,the screensaver showed a photo of a man and a woman with the date August 13“.

How to find the owner of an iPhone lost for months

This somewhat unusual rescuer had the good idea to post photos online of the phone, but also of the displayed photo in an attempt to find the owner. He posted a message on Cinder’s Facebook group bulletin board with the photo of this iPhone XR and the couple. A message shared more than 4,000 times on the social network.

Owain Davis is not a regular on social media, but one of the couple’s friends recognized them. The phone has since been returned to its owner in good working order.

The lock screen // Source: Cinderford Noticeboard Facebook Group

One of the netizens in this group gave a very interesting trick to find the owner of a lost iPhone. If the phone works, you can press and hold both volume buttons simultaneously to access the medical card in the Health app. Enough to find valuable information like emergency contacts. A tip that can also be useful if you need to help someone in danger.

Another user gave another technique. In fact, it is about removing the SIM card from the phone, putting it in another to find out the phone number of said card. If the owner has transferred his phone number, then it can be found simply by calling him.

A reassuring experience, but one that will not be repeated.

You should know that the iPhone XR is IP67 certified. This does not mean at all that it can remain submerged in water for tens of weeks, it is not a truly waterproof smartphone. If we follow the international standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission, this smartphone is supposed to be completely protected against dust, but it can also be temporarily immersed up to one meter for 30 minutes in clear water.

This time it managed to last 10 months, which is significantly more. If this ensures the waterproofness of this model, we strongly recommend that you do not put it in water anyway. First of all, because waiting 10 months to find out if your smartphone is waterproof is a bit long and impractical. But in addition to that, Apple’s site states that “splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent and may decrease over time with normal use“. More important again, “Liquid damage is not covered under warranty, but consumer law may give you certain rights“However, we know that Apple is working to improve the iPhone’s water and pressure resistance.

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