Bob McKenzie always predetermined (on his roster) who was going to be the first overall pick.

Bob McKenzie always predetermined (on his roster) who was going to be the first overall pick.

Make way for our traditional daily text on Shane Wright and Juraj Slafkovsky. Dammit that I can’t wait until it’s July 8th and we find out who was the first overall pick selected by the Canadiens…

You have no idea.

Yesterday noon, Bob McKenzie published his traditional final list for the draft. McKenzie, who consults 10 recruiters amateurs before posting your classification final, put Juraj Slavkovsky just ahead of Shane Wright. What a change!

Now it is clear: there is no consensus at the forefront of this 2022 vintage.

McKenzie had it for a fact said wrote yesterday: five recruiters put Slafkovsky at the top, and four put Wright. The tenth chose Cooley…

Various people have tried to discredit Bob McKenzie, some even going so far as to say that the good old bob They don’t spend as much time in arenas as they used to, but in the end, I think this list should be taken seriously. Very seriously, even!

Why ? Because since 2009, McKenzie has 1,000 correct on the identity of the player selected in first place.

Éric Leblanc also mentioned this morning that if a winger has beaten a central defender in the front row it is because he is really better in the eyes of the recruiters (who place Slafkovsky first). Leblanc also recalled that the Finnish top division was a difficult league…

But still… Brian Wilde reminded us again this morning how Slafkovsky is light years away from producing the best young Finnish players in recent years (draft).

What to think?

It should be remembered that several North American players have seen their development slowed down by the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions. Much lost players much hockey for the last two years… including Shane Wright. #FullSeason

Will Slafkovsky be this year’s Kaapo Kakko and Shane Wright be Jack Hughes?

Will Slafkovsky be better than Puljujarvi, Kotkaniemi and Armia?

Keep in mind that Shane Wright still wants to be the first draft pick next Thursday … and he doesn’t care about rosters. At least, that’s what it claims.

Wright just wants to enjoy the moment regardless of the rosters and his actual pick next week.

Note that Wright was named the CHL’s top prospect last night.

Wait ! The other seven qualified players top eight by Bob McKenzie did not move through the system junior Canadian in 2021-22.

A lot of

– Since we are talking about the 2022 amateur draft…

Plays injured in playoffs : Is the price to pay (in the long term) too high for the players?

– I hope the NHL says Yes at the request of Jared Bednar.

– Quick victory of the jester.

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