Sweaters, caps, boos and flowers

Sweaters, caps, boos and flowers

Thursday night in Montreal was the first round of the National Hockey League draft, in a packed Bell Center.

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A great show that consists of seeing 32 beardless guys put on a sweater and a cap. (Little digression, about the cap: can you drop it? First, it’s hockey, not baseball. Second, we don’t see his eyes anymore, hopefully. We’ve hardly ever seen him anymore, can we uncover his full face, please? “That doesn’t get star treatment. Brad Pitt doesn’t put on a cap when he grabs his Oscar. It’s not telegenic. Turn off the light. Turn off the aura.” Cap off! You will sell the same! Thank you.)


One of the players signed by the Canadians on Thursday, Filip Mesár (centre), after receiving his team jersey

The show is hosted by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Who is copiously booed. What is not chic, and what we absolutely should not do. This is no way to welcome anyone. That said, this behavior is predictable. In all the arenas of the circuit, Bettman is booed. Why ? because he is the boss. The one who leads. The one who imposes The one that triggers the lockouts. The one who says no to Quebec. the one who thinks of money. That’s it worked. And she does it very well. But why do you want to encourage the playoffs? that’s not yours worked. Really not. I know, the boss of the NFL knows. Good for him. But we have to do with the charisma we have. And with the reaction we caused.

A facilitator is a unifier. Someone who gathers the public. From Wayne Gretzky to Chantal Machabée, there are dozens of hockey personalities who could take on this task. A hundred times better. Without creating inconvenience. Without provoking “cabbage!” as she says thanks to the host city. Bettman doesn’t need to be omnipresent on the scene. To be in all the photos. he he already has the Energy. There’s no need to power trip. The president of ADISQ does not deliver all the Felix. He makes the little speech about it and it’s already good en masse.

The Canadian has the first option. If we base ourselves on the jacket of the selection manager, Martin Lapointe, we will not be afraid to surprise. To everyone’s surprise, Kent Hughes sets his sights on Juraj Slafkovský. A diction and spelling exercise for users of the tremblay language. Let’s hope he stays at the club longer than Jesperi Kotkaniemi.

This is the third time the Habs have fished first, at home. In 1971 he chose the sparkling Guy Lafleur; in 1980, the erased Doug Wickenheiser. Slafkovský probably isn’t. Will it make more sparks than erase? The future will tell.

He was my number one candidate. From what little I’ve seen him play. A solid player, in body and in mind. When he walked the red carpet, the young Juraj was booed. What the fuck! We may want Shane Wright to be the lucky one, but that’s no reason to attack an 18-year-old who’s happy to be in Montreal.

There is something unfair about booing. Because of the booing, of course, and also because of the silencers. They say: people booed Slafkovský. But it’s not the people, it’s the people. A small gang. But since the sound comes from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, the whole crowd becomes guilty.

It often happened to me, at the Bell Centre, that I felt uncomfortable because an opposing player, often a former CH player, was being booed. How can we disassociate ourselves from this mass movement?

After all, as Bergevin would say, we are only talking about the hundred people who shouted “cabbage! “, never thousands who have not done it.

There’s only one way to combat booing: Give him a standing ovation. Clap loudly. To remain silent is to stand still while someone is being hit. You’ll have to remember that next time, instead of standing still.


Juraj Slafkovský receives his jersey during his draft.

Since the red carpet incident, Slafkovský has garnered applause. He even took a walk on the bleachers of his new amphitheater. Something that many Canadian veterans have never experienced.

This is perhaps the beginning of a long love story between the Slovakian and the amateurs. And during each celebration, we will add one more slap, to make you forget the false step, or rather, the false noise, of our beginnings.

Thirty-two players have heard his name. The others expected to hear it in the second round. Many will never hear it. They will have to impose it themselves, like Martin St-Louis.

The project is like going to a nursery. We choose flowers, plants, bushes, trees. Carefully. Surely we have taken the most beautiful. We integrate them into our garden hoping that they will grow well, that they will flourish and that we will be the envy of all the neighbors.

Of the 2022 buds, how many will bloom this season? How much in 2023, 2024, 2025 or never?

I wish the Canadian a garden worthy of a parade.

Some fleurs-de-lis are missing.

We’ll see…

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