Juraj Slafkovsky and Jaromir Jagr: a similar style of play according to a friend of Nick Bobrov

Juraj Slafkovsky and Jaromir Jagr: a similar style of play according to a friend of Nick Bobrov

Two weeks have passed since the Canadian chose Juraj Slafkovsky in first place in the playoffs. He was obviously a key selection for the future of the team, as Slafkovsky’s performances in the years to come could determine the status of the team.

It won’t be the only factor, of course, but when you select a player in the front row, it will be a enormous piece of the equation. If he performs up to par, he can lead the team to the top, but if he doesn’t, he can delay the rebuilding of the team for many years.

But clearly, if the CH selected Slafkovsky, it was because they believed in the potential of the young Slovakian. In an ideal world, Slafkovsky can become a Mikko Rantanen-style player, for example, which would be a huge advantage for the Habs.

However, some have another comparison for the playing style of the young man: Jaromir Jagr. And when I say “some”, it includes in particular a close friend of Nick Bobrov, Oto Hascak, as Arpon Basu and Marc-Antoine Godin previously reported. Athletic Montreal

Who is this Oto Hascak? Hascak is currently the assistant to the general manager of the Slovak national team, for which Slafkovsky played at the last Olympics. You know, the ones where he was named tournament MVP.

But Hascak is also a hockey player in whom Bobrov, one of CH’s co-directors of hiring, has enormous confidence. In fact, Hascak got his first break in the NHL thanks to Bobrov, when he became his right-hand man in developing the Bruins’ European scouting department nearly 20 years ago.

Clearly, then, Hascak’s opinion is worth something in Bobrov’s eyes. The latter wasn’t just based on what his former colleague from Slafkovsky thought, but it’s still something he probably had in mind.

No, Slafkovsky (almost certainly) will not have a career like Jagr, who is one of the greatest players in NHL history. That said, that is not what Hascak is arguing. The latter points out that the two players play similarly, both in terms of skating, shooting and puck protection. That is all.

And in terms of the boy’s attitude and maturity, too.

Hascak says it didn’t catch his eye during the Games, but long before they started, when Slafkovsky was already looking like Jagr on the ice during the team’s preparation for the tournament.

I strongly recommend that you read the text of the two journalists fromAthletic Montreal (which I give you HERE). We learn enormously about the process that led to the selection of Slafkovsky and that it is extremely interesting.

Did I ever tell you that I can’t wait to see it in action?

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