Inflation of 8.1% in June |  Five tips to save money during the holidays

Inflation of 8.1% in June | Five tips to save money during the holidays

The news does not surprise anyone, but this figure is still difficult to digest at the beginning of a family vacation or when you are already alone on the shore of the beach: an inflation of more than 8% in June. And this increase is fueled by the increase in the main spending items of vacationers: accommodation, gasoline and food. In this context, how can you have a good vacation?

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Stephanie Berube

Stephanie Berube

Once installed, don’t move!

Or less, anyway…

The price of gasoline rose 54% during the year, according to June data released Tuesday by Statistics Canada. That does not mean that we have to dare to review vacation plans, but it can encourage us to leave the car in the parking lot once we reach our destination.

“This year, the desire to leave was stronger,” said Nicolas Ryan, director of public affairs for CAA Quebec. The organization conducts an annual survey on the travel intentions of Quebecers. Although worrying, rising gas prices have not been a drag on travel. On the other hand, explains Nicolas Ryan, once in their destination, tourists will adapt their behavior, in particular by limiting their movements. For example, they will make two stops instead of the four planned on the route, he explains, which will reduce the total number of kilometers on the counter. Ryan says it may be for next year’s plans that the distance to the destination will be taken into account when making reservations. “This year, the recovery is very strong,” he says. And propelled by the two years of pandemic deprivation. This is what Nicolas Ryan calls “the journey of revenge.”


Sunset in the Kamouraska region, in Bas-Saint-Laurent

At Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent we confirm this trend: a good number of visitors who stay longer in the same place and travel less. “People are doing more free activities, walks and picnics,” says Karine Lebel, communications officer for the tourism association. And that’s a good thing: “The best show in Bas-Saint-Laurent is free,” she says. These are our sunsets! »

enjoy the cabin

Accommodation prices increased by 49.7% compared to June 2021.

Why ?

“The resumption of sporting events, festivals and other large in-person gatherings has led to an increase in demand for accommodation, especially in major urban centers,” according to Statistics Canada.


Cottage Les Conifères, in Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard

In this context, it is advisable to choose your accommodation well to make your “investment” profitable.

Catherine Simard, owner of the B&B-café-garden Les Conifères in Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, in the Laurentians, has decided not to raise the prices of her rooms, but she notices a change in the habits of her clientele: the vacationers. stay longer. “People come with their coolers and eat here instead of going to a restaurant in town,” she says. They even make your morning coffee, which you can drink on the riverbank.

find out what growing up around

Another item of expense where the increase is undeniable: food. The price of raw materials (fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.) has suffered a global increase of 8.8% from June 2021 to June 2022. The restaurant bill, whether it is a snack or a more sophisticated restaurant, inevitably it also increased.

To respect the budget planned for the meals on vacation without losing the pleasure, a visit to the public market is essential. “It’s taking the pulse of the flavor of the region,” says Jean-Nick Trudel, president of the Association des marchés publics du Québec, who points out that a visit to a market in Abitibi-Témiscamingue has nothing to do with visiting a market on the north coast.

And it’s not just the price of food that’s rising, but also the popularity of Quebec’s public markets. There are more than 160 now, up from 123 before the pandemic, according to the Association des marchés publics du Québec.

Take it weather

“Sometimes, minimalism, you have to impose it on yourself. And inflation does exactly that,” says Dominique Bernèche, co-founder of the combined company Les Belles, which gives tips for better planning family life. According to this mother of seven children, we usually want to fill the day with activities from the first day of vacation. “We feel that our children need slides and attractions, but not quite, often we are the ones who fear that they will get bored. They marvel at everything, ”says Dominique Bernèche, contacted when she is on vacation, about to visit a beach near a chalet where there is no water or electricity.


Dominique Bernèche advises camping to save money and get out of your comfort zone.

According to her, nothing better than a good campfire to end the day, and it doesn’t cost a dollar. Her advice for those who have to reduce the vacation budget: tame camping, get out of the comfort zone and get away from habits. “It forces us to be more in tune with ourselves,” she says.

practice tourism Proximity

At Alliance de l’industrie Touristique du Québec, we confirm that occupancy rates are good at campgrounds and that the season is going well, despite travellers’ very real budget concerns. To take advantage of summer vacations without breaking the bank, the Alliance suggests giving priority to local tourism. This allows you to discover the attractions you often see on the blue signs without paying attention to them. In its list of tips for traveling on a budget, the Alliance suggests attending festivals and parks in our region, access to which is sometimes free for everyone or for children.


Beach of the Cap–Saint-Jacques Natural Park, in Montreal

Finally, the Alliance also recommends going slowly… by car! “Take the back roads via one of the 18 official tourist routes spread across most regions,” says their list of vacation tips. They allow you to travel more slowly, by car, on foot or by bicycle, and better appreciate our landscapes, towns and heritage sites. »

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