Sexual misconduct allegations: Philippe Bond was already blacklisted

Sexual misconduct allegations: Philippe Bond was already blacklisted

Targeted by allegations of sexual misconduct by eight women, comedian Philippe Bond, who retired from public life as soon as an investigation into PressThursday, it had already been blacklisted by major cultural organizations for several years.

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The two giants of comedy in Quebec, Just for Laughs Group and ComediHa!, as well as one of the most important television producers, Guillaume Lespérance (Everybody’s talking about it, goodbye), revealed that they had ceased or at least greatly reduced their collaborations with the fallen artist.

“We haven’t worked with Philippe Bond for a long time. In fact, people at home have trusted us and expressed their discomfort working with Mr. Bond,” he said in a statement sent to the Trunk the first vice president and director of operations of ComediHa!, François Lapointe.

refusal to hire him

On the airwaves of 98.5 FM on Thursday, Just for Laughs Group Vice President of French Content Patrick Rozon also revealed that the organization had already started to exclude Bond from its programming from 2020, due to rumors circulating about it.

“We listened to him, and what happens is that in the programming, quietly, he was less there. And we made that decision. »

– Listen to Nicole Gibeault, retired judge, at the microphone of Alexandre Dubé on QUB radio:

On Twitter, producer Guillaume Lespérance said he had refused “for SEVERAL years” to hire Philippe Bond for his projects.

“This morning’s article [jeudi] explains this decision,” he said, saluting the bravery of the victims.

forced blowjob

Within Presseight women reported various forms of sexual misconduct, ranging from fondling to forced fellatio (see other text opposite) and a non-consensual sexual relationship, to which Bond allegedly subjected them, between 2006 and 2015.

Half of them gave their testimony openly.

On July 1, comedian Thomas Levac accused Bond of raping during a podcast recording at the Festival of Emerging Humor in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. When the clip went viral on the web, Bond claimed his innocence and threatened to sue Levac.

On Thursday morning, however, he froze his run. In a statement posted on Instagram, Bond announced that he would end his tour of shows and stop hosting the show. still funto Énergie, “out of respect for my employees and my employers”.

“I have to protect and take care of my loved ones, but above all I have to be there for my children and my wife. Thinking about what they will have to go through with me makes me sad, because there is nothing more important to me than them,” she shared.


Except for this Instagram post, Philippe Bond has deleted all traces of his social media presence and closed his official website.

Bell Media, meanwhile, has ended its business relationship with the comedian. In an email sent to Trunk by its public relations department, Bell Media indicates that Philippe Bond “will no longer be part of the radio programming”.

“We will also be suspending the broadcast of your interviews and your individual performances on all our platforms,” adds the company.

For its part, evenko has announced that the Philippe Bond show tour has been canceled and that ticket holders will be reimbursed.

The comedian is not facing criminal charges at this time.

– With Raphaël Gendron-Martin

Comedian and author Kim Lévesque-Lizotte also reacted on her personal Facebook page: in time, in time and place, questioning yourself, seeking help, confessing your mistakes to those around you, you would avoid a lot of waste, additional victims, collateral victims. , media chaos, victims having to open their guts publicly describing their traumas so that finally, finally, there will be a time when people are exposed, and a sense of justice and reparation can overwhelm everything. »

-Raphael Gendron-Martin

Mike Ward made the decision a few years ago not to invite Philippe Bond to his podcast anymore low listen, because his name was on a list of possible abusers on the web. “I did it just so we wouldn’t feel awkward,” she told the Trunk, adding that other comedians were no longer invited. “We do not prohibit anyone who did nothing. When asked if the comedy community is sick, in reference to the scandals surrounding Gilbert Rozon, Julien Lacroix and Philippe Bond, Mike Ward replied in the negative. “But we are cleaning up, I think. [des personnes aux comportements répréhensibles]. “Although the content of his Friday night show at the Bell Center is not decided in advance, Mike Ward indicated that he and his guests will most likely discuss the Bond issue on stage.

-Raphael Gendron-Martin

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