The resumption of the CMJ scheduled for this summer could be canceled

The resumption of the CMJ scheduled for this summer could be canceled

Typically, the World Junior Hockey Championships are held every year during the Christmas season. It is often a fun tournament to watch on the ice, as the best junior players from around the world compete to defend the colors of their country.

However, last winter, the CMJ unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19, but finally it was finally delayed and is supposed to start on August 9.

That said, the picture has changed since then, and according to Andy Strickland, agents and executives in the hockey world are wondering if it wouldn’t make sense to simply cancel the tournament.

This does not mean that the tournament will necessarily be cancelled. In fact, at present, the tournament will take place, but there are several reasons that could derail everything.

The first, and probably the most important, is the current situation surrounding Hockey Canada. The organization was marred by the gang rape scandal that would have occurred in 2018, and now we learn that there would have been another involving the 2003 edition of the Canadian junior team.

With the tournament taking place in Edmonton (hence Canada), there’s clearly a bit of trepidation at the moment. A discomfort that is clearly legitimate.

Add to all this that the scandals have caused many sponsors to disassociate themselves from Hockey Canada and it is starting to do a lot. However, even if that obviously plays a part in the discussions about a possible cancellation of the tournament, it is not the only reason.

Usually, the fact that the tournament takes place in the winter means that teams are not necessarily afraid to allow their young players to take part in the competition. Some refuse despite everything, but overall they are very few.

However, since the tournament takes place during the summer of this year, it means that it takes place right before the opening of training camps in the NHL. Thus, the teams fear to see their applicants injured before seeing them in the camp, so much The players will be absent.

And since the Russian players don’t make it either, the list of absentees is even longer.

All in all, this means that the tournament doesn’t have the same “aura” as always, and for the same reason, some wonder if it would not be better to cancel it instead of putting the youngsters in that situation.

On the one hand, all these reasons are very legitimate and I fully understand those who think that canceling the tournament is the best option. That said, I still have a thought for the youngsters who are serious about this tournament and who would see it canceled a second time, and for good. I’m thinking of a guy like Kaiden Guhle, in particular, who seems to absolutely want it.

We’ll see where it takes us anyway, but right now there’s a real Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of the tournament. It’s a shame for both the fans and the players, honestly.

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