Le noyau interne de notre Planète a joué un rôle important dans le maintien de son champ magnétique protecteur. Lui évitant de finir aussi sèche que la planète Mars. © dimazel, Adobe Stock

Why didn’t Earth suffer the same fate as Mars?

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[EN VIDÉO] A reversal of Earth’s magnetic field may have changed our history
According to The Traveler’s Guide to the Galaxy written by Douglas Adams, the answer to everything lies in number 42. And researchers from the University of New South Wales (Australia) wink at it by revealing that a reversal of the magnetic field of our Earth that occurred 42,000 years ago had significant consequences on the environment of our ancestors. It may even have led Neanderthals to their downfall. (in English) © University of New South Wales

the planet Mars now it is desert. Somewhere in its past, it lost the water that flowed over its surface. She also lost a lot of herself. atmosphere. In question, according to astronomersthe dissipation of the magnetic field, magnet and field…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/6/a/a/6aa47f5f22_85914_champ-magnetic.jpg” data – url=”https://news.google.com/science/definitions/physics-magnetic-field-3878/” data-more=”Read more”>magnetic field which until then protected it from This wind is not very dense (10 particles per cubic centimeter), but it is very fast (400 to 800 km/s). It is a supersonic wind (it moves faster than the waves…” data-url=”https://news.google.com/sciences/definitions/univers-vent-solaire-2445/” data-more =”Read more” >solar winds.

Our Earth remains sheltered from its own magnetic field. It is the result of the movements of liquid iron bubbling up some 2,900 kilometers below our feet. In what scientists call the outer core. movements of convection on a large scale that produce a electric current. It is this electric current that generates a magnetic field by dynamo effect.

But about 565 million years ago, the intensity of this magnetic field was reduced by 10%. Before suddenly returning to normal. Just before what researchers call thecambrian explosion. One of the most significant events in the history of life on Earth. The sudden appearance of multicellular life forms.

Note that when geologists to evoke a process that happened “suddenly”, it must be understood that it took a few tens of millions of years… only. Since Scientists at the University of Rochester (USA) now show that the process in question coincided with the formation of the solid inner core of the Earth.

A story to read on the rocks

“Just before the Central core begins to expand, the Earth’s magnetic field was about to collapse. But as soon as the inner core grew, the magnetic field regenerated.”emphasizes John Tarduno, a geophysicist, in a University of Rochester statement.

To determine how our Earth’s magnetic field and core have evolved over time, the researchers relied on an analysis of minerals brought to the surface and containing tiny magnetic particles that record the direction and strength of the magnetic field as the minerals cool. They were thus able to establish two new important dates in the history of the inner core of our planet.

550 million years ago, Earth’s magnetic field renewed itself after nearly collapsing just 15 million years earlier. A renewal related to the formation of a solid inner core that has somehow recharged the outer core at The melting point of water, in other words, the temperature at which ice…” data- image=”https: //cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/7/d/0/7d0df59f3c_82086_fusion.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/sciences/definitions/ physics-fusion-15305 /” data-more =”Read more”>fusion ; and 450 million years ago a boundary formed between the innermost inner core and the outermost inner core. An evolution that coincides with changes in the structure of the The mantle, however solid, is animated by convection currents that…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/ midioriginal / 7/4/6/7466fb8049_50004180_terre-270907.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/planete/definitions/structure-terre-terrestrial-mantle-2495/” data-more=”Read more “>Coat underlying, due to Drift of…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/9/f/c/9fcec5bdc0_45137_plates-tectonics-wikimediacommons- dp.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/planete/definitions/geologie-tectonique-plates-970/” data-more=”Read more”>tectonic plates.

better understand the inner core dynamics and the magnetic field allows us to better understand our Earth’s past. But also, consider your future. “Hard to know if our Earth would have ended up like Mars if the When this collapse refers to coherent rocks, we can also talk about a rock slide.
The result of this…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/f/6/7/f678fd3677_50035322_eboulement-cmic-blog-cc-nc-2.jpg ” data-url=”https://news.google.com/planet/definitions/sustainable-development-landfall-6515/” data-more=”Read More”>to collapse of its magnetic field had continued. But it is almost certain that our planet would be much drier today. What to show the importance of an inner core growing to maintain a magnetic field throughout the life of a planet »
concludes John Tarduno.

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