Shooting of the film La meute |  Warning: this movie may contain violent scenes

Shooting of the film La meute | Warning: this movie may contain violent scenes

The game The pack It will be adapted to the cinema by Anne Émond. Her author, Catherine-Anne Toupin, who signs the script, reprises her role, as do Guillaume Cyr and Lise Roy. Report of our visit to the film set in the Bolton area.

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Emily Costa

Emily Costa

“I always wanted to make movies, but when I left drama school, women had no place. They wouldn’t have given me the opportunity to write a script. »

“Suddenly, we want to listen to each other! », She launches with her usual impetuousness Catherine-Anne Toupin, author and screenwriter of The pack.

What Baby sister Y lines of flight, The pack is a contemporary work written by a woman and made into a film by a woman, in this case Anne Émond (Nelly, the young Juliet).

This week, filming for the psychological thriller was in full swing in the Bolton region of the Eastern Townships. It was at the end of a winding road in the woods that the team found one of the film’s important figures, a large and somewhat gloomy house (reminiscent of the one in the film). Misery, Catherine-Anne Toupin rightly noted).

  • The budget of the pack is around 5 million dollars.


    the budget of The pack it’s about $5 million.

  • The filming of La meute will take place in part this summer in the eastern municipalities.


    the shooting of The pack takes place in part this summer in the eastern townships.

  • With La meute, Guillaume Cyr shoots his 25th film.


    With The packGuillaume Cyr turns 25me movie.

  • Anne Émond is directing a script she didn't write for the first time.


    Anne Émond is directing a script she didn’t write for the first time.


This house is where a man named Martin (Guillaume Cyr) lives with his aunt (Lise Roy). They are going to rent a room from Sophie (Catherine-Anne Toupin), who has just lost her job. In shock, she decided to run away from home…

What this synopsis does not say is that The pack explores the vicious and tortuous cycle of violence and loss of thought control. It was topical when the work was presented at La Licorne in 2018, and it is probably even more so today. “Every week, we send each other #lameute items,” says Catherine-Anne Toupin.

The latter prefers to divulge as little as possible, but he knows that an amazing complicity will develop between Martin and Sophie. “I wanted to do more than just the play,” emphasizes Catherine-Anne Toupin. Telling essentially the same story, but in a completely different way. »

It is not insignificant if the author quoted the Stephen King classic Misery as a reference. when adapting The pack in the cinema, he wanted to fully exploit the codes of the thriller with all the fear, the moments of high tension, the overturns and the final “slap” that this entails. “For those who have seen the play, we know a lot more about the characters,” he adds.

Director Anne Emond

About three years ago, Catherine-Anne Toupin knocked on the door of the KO24 box, says Louis-Philippe Drolet, who co-produced the film with his partner Louis Morissette and Félize Frappier of Max Films. “We quickly saw the potential behind closed doors and the theme that is so current. »

“We wanted women to use the film,” continues Louis-Philippe Drolet.

In pre-production, Catherine-Anne Toupin met a dozen directors. “When I met Anne, who had been invited to read an early version of the script, I saw after 15 minutes that she had understood all the little details and nuances. […] I knew it was her. »


Director Anne Emond

I hadn’t seen the play. When I read the script, I went full throttle for the thriller.

Anne Emond

However, the director did not expect that Catherine-Anne Toupin would directly offer him the direction of the film. Anne Émond had never directed a feature film for which she did not write the screenplay.

Furthermore, Catherine-Anne Toupin wanted to preserve the trio of actors she formed with Lise Roy and Guillaume Cyr, if only “for the nakedness of body and soul” to play intense scenes.

Lise Roy considers herself lucky to be able to reprise on film a role she created on stage. She had done it for the film adaptation of Xavier Dolan’s play. Tom on the farm by Michel-Marc Bouchard. But as in the theater, he believes that viewers will identify with how his character of the aunt feels in relation to everything that happens in the house.


Lise Roy reprises the role she created in the theater.

Then, when we asked Guillaume Cyr, who is no less than 25me movie: If I was about to shoot an intense scene, I would reply, “These are all great scenes! »

All the artisans of The pack Talk about the final with some dread. “I go far, but the two characters are endearing and complex,” says Catherine-Anne Toupin.

The release date of The pack has not been announced yet.

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