After the worldwide success of Final Fantasy 7, the West massively discovered Japanese RPGs. Square Enix therefore takes the opportunity to fix its famous series outside of Japan, resulting in several sequels. The last of her to appear on Playstation is Final Fantasy IX. A superb episode focused on charismatic characters that remains a classic in its genre. But do you know all the secrets of the game?

(Image credit: Square Enix)

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10 o’clock before time

During certain times, it is possible to encounter the Ragtime Mouse creature. This is not a normal battle, but a test where you have to answer questions to gain experience and money. The character has a card in his hand, with an inscription in Japanese that refers to the theme song of FF10. This is the first time that a Final Fantasy game has talked about an episode that hasn’t been released yet.

you have to go ahead

At the beginning of Final Fantasy 9, during one of the introductory scenes, Zidane and his team are planning a kidnapping. Baku then asks us a question, if we have understood who to kidnap. If we answer Queen Brahne, then the wrong answer, 64 times in a row and well, Ruby rushes into the room to unlock the situation. A script set up so that dialogue can continue, but most players have never started.

it was in 7

By going to the weapon shop in the city of Lindblum, it is possible to inspect broadswords. Zidane then comments that he has seen a guy with a spiky hairstyle before, carrying that type of weapon. It’s obviously a reference to Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 and his legendary sword, which is completely oversized.

Portrait of Cinna

Digging into the graphic data of the game, it is possible to find things that have never been used in the game, this is what happened with the portrait of Cinna, a character that only comes to our team for a short period of time. And at that time it is impossible for us to open the menus and therefore inspect our equipment. Which means we never see her portrait in her stat table.

the lost search

Thirteen years after the game’s release, a quest unknown to Western players was discovered, which requires speaking to the Nero brothers multiple times, during the story’s progress, after certain events or bosses. The reward isn’t great, but it’s amusing that the quest isn’t mentioned in any guides except for one Japanese guide that has never been translated.