Lane Hutson: CH's massive home run attempt at the end of the second round

Lane Hutson will have ‘an important role’ on his NCAA team in 2022-23

Given that the HC drafted Lane Hutson at the end of the second round of the most recent NHL draft, I don’t hide it: I really like the profile (and, above all, the potential) of the young defender. It’s true that he’s very weak and it’s a long-term project, but if he reaches his full potential, he’ll be a big part of the Canadiens’ defensive squad in a few years.

I don’t see him making the leap for (at least) three years, but there’s no rush: the important thing is to give him every chance to reach his full potential.

Earlier today, Nicolas Landry (RDS) published an excellent report on the young defender. Landry has caught the interest of many people who come into contact with Hutson on a regular basis and the result is very strong.

Among those who have agreed to talk about the CH prospect is Jay Pandolfo, who will coach Hutson in the NCAA next year in boston university. The latter affirms, among other things, that the small defender, who next year will give his first skates on the American university circuit, will have an “important role” within his defensive squad next year.

According to Pandolfo, we should see Hutson piloting one of two power play units for the Terriers next year. It is clear that we believe in him there and we want to give him occasions to speak his attack instinct.

If he plays about 20 minutes a game in his first year in the NCAA, he’s already pretty solid. I think his playtime will change throughout the campaign, but Pandolfo’s feedback is promising.

The young defender’s father, Rob Hutson, also took the time to address the many comments regarding his son’s small size, and his response is quite interesting:

If he really grew that much, he would lose some of the facets of his game that make him so unique today. How many 6-footers can do what he does on the ice? Not much! Cale Makar, when he came to the NCAA, he was 5’9″. Today he’s 5 and 10 and a half. But he plays bigger than that. He plays like he’s not afraid of anything. He plays with the mentality that when he’s in ice, they’re all the same size. When you stick to that, nothing bothers you. –Rob Hutson

Basically, it is true that its small size gives it an advantage, especially since it does not allow itself to be imposed. But, and that’s where a guy like Cole Caufield is awesome, he has to learn to create a different space for himself and he has to be vigilant to avoid getting hit hard.

It’s different for a forward and a defender, I know, but it’s a reality for all players, especially the weaker ones like Caufield and Hutson.

In any case, with that said, Hutson will at least have to gain some mass. In developmental camp, he weighed just 150 pounds, which is very light for the NHL. However, he is still young and I am sure that he will eventually improve with time.

he must not too grow to the point of losing its identity, but it should still take on some dough at a minimum.

In short, we’ll see what the future holds for Hutson, but clearly, he’ll have big responsibilities in the NCAA next year. I also invite you to read Nicolás Landry’s text about the young defender (which I leave HERE), there is very good content there.

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