Marc Dumont lost his job with the Montreal Canadiens

Marc Dumont lost his job with the Montreal Canadiens

For two years, Marc Dumont had been employed by the Canadians. He was a content creator who did (in particular) interviews with various people within the Canadian organization.

And if I say it in the past tense, it’s because Dumont lost his job. It was due to “creative differences” that the Canadian chose to let him go yesterday.

First, please note that our thoughts are with him. Seeing someone lose their job is always very unfortunate for the person and their family, whether the dismissal is justified or not.

Please also note, for those interested, that we may follow you on your new site.

And since the fans loved him very much, I hope that he can attract many followers with his site.

Note that Dumont had been an employee of CH since July 2020. CH had hired him just after the end of his four-year association with The Athletic in Montreal to cover the Canadian.

Getting fired for “creative differences” is pretty broad. We don’t know the truth about losing your job, but when you check his twitter accountwe clearly feel that he is hurt.

But what we do know is that the director in question was not hired by the new administration and that it is not Chantal Machabée’s fault (who is/was not in the same department as him) if she lost her job.

We don’t know exactly what this all rhymes with, but we have to wonder if it has to do with Carey Price’s Bill-Masterton story.

For those who don’t remember, Price had won the Bill-Masterton despite the fact that only two journalists from Montreal, Arpon Basu and Eric Engels, had voted for the CH goalkeeper.

No Francophone journalist (Richard Labbé, Simon-Olivier Lorange, Marc-André Chaumont, François Gagnon, Guillaume Lefrançois, Jonathan Bernier and Marc de Foy) had voted for Price. Dumont said on Twitter that he was disappointed to see the lack of support for Price.

Last month, he himself said that some journalists had tried to make him lose his job for saying he thought it was a shame Carey Price didn’t get more support than that from the reporters here. And two weeks and dust later, she no longer has a job, which forces us to question this.

Is that what happened? I do not know since I am not in the secret of the Gods. That said, when I heard the news, it was one of the first things I thought of.

Oh well. As I said, let’s hope that Marc Dumont recovers and takes the time to digest the news.

A lot of

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