CH's last five drafts: Fifteen NHL-caliber prospects in all?

CH’s last five drafts: Fifteen NHL-caliber prospects in all?

Writing is a very inexact science. It’s true that teams spend a lot of time scouting young players and trying to find the best talent in this whole group, but it’s absolutely impossible to never go wrong at this level.

Sometimes the team mismanages the development of the young person. Sometimes the young person just can’t do it. Sometimes an external factor intervenes. So many reasons can explain the fact that a recruited player does not have the expected contribution.

That said, Grant McCagg said a few days ago that he thinks the last five drafts could produce around 15 players who will eventually end up being NHL-caliber players.

McCagg adds that when three or more players from the same crop become nhl players, is a great harvest for the team. And all of that made me want to dig into this and look at the last five vintages to see who these players are who are at risk of becoming NHL-caliber players. I separated them into three different groups: those that already are, those that almost certainly will be, those that have a good chance.

Those who already are:

  • Jesperi Kotkaniemi (2018) – Has yet to reach his full potential, but remains a regular in the NHL for several years.
  • Alexander Romanov (2018): Now with the Islanders, he has shown he has the potential of a top-four defender on the Bettman circuit.
  • Cole Caufield (2019) – He had a rocky start to the 2021-22 season, but his season finale reminded us that he is a big part of CH’s future.

Which will almost certainly become:

  • Jordan Harris (2018): His ceiling may be a little tight, but he’s already shown great things and, at worst, is likely to be a good third-pair defender.
  • Kaiden Guhle (2020) – He is the top defensive prospect in CH right now and we could see him in Montreal next year.
  • Juraj Slafkovský (2022): First overall pick, at risk of becoming (at least) an NHL-caliber player.
  • Filip Mesar (2022): Chosen in the first round of the team this summer, he has all the attributes of a good player in the two midlines.

The lucky ones:

  • Jesse Ylönen (2018): He appears to be the Rockets player closest to graduating from the NHL.
  • Jayden Struble (2019): Has lost its shine in recent years, but remains an athletic defender with an interesting profile.
  • Mattias Norlinder (2019): If he can adapt to the North American style of play and regain confidence in the offensive zone, he is still a great project.
  • Frederik Dichow (2019) – One of the organization’s top prospects at the network, he had a breakout year 2021-22.
  • Rafaël Harvey-Pinard (2019): He still plays hard and could eventually make a name for himself in Montreal.
  • Luke Tuch (2020): He’s a big guy and could end up being a good power forward in the NHL.
  • Jan Myšák (2020): He is currently shining in the WJC and is a very intelligent center on the ice.
  • Sean Farrell (2020): He is not great, but he is quite a player in the offensive zone.
  • Jakub Dobes (2020): Like Dichow, he’s a good prospect for the organization against the net.
  • Logan Mailloux (2021) – He missed many years of hockey, but has some very interesting assets.
  • Riley Kidney (2021) – A good smart center who had a breakout year in the QMJHL.
  • Joshua Roy (2021): He dominated the QMJHL in 2021-22 and is one of the team’s great promises up front.
  • Owen Beck (2022) – A good all-around attacker that can be used in all sauces.
  • Lane Hutson (2022): One of the most intriguing prospects on the team, his ceiling is very high.

I didn’t include all the prospects (I probably could have added a few more in the last group) and ranking remains subjective, but all things considered, McCagg’s point stands: there are much depth within these cuvées.

No, not all of these players will convert nhl players in the short, medium or long term. There are some who will never make it to the Bettman circuit, but by sheer numbers, there are some who will eventually.

If I had to get wet, I’d say there will be at least fifteen, me too.

A lot of

– Wow.

– Very interesting.

– That promises!

– The end for Kyrgios in Montreal.

– Good idea.

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