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I have never done it | Never, never regret your first time!

It’s encouraging to see the brilliant third season of my first times (I have never) accumulate views of tens of millions on the Netflix platform.

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As of Wednesday, this witty, punchy-dialogue teen comedy was enthroned as No. 2 on Netflix’s most-watched shows list, behind the blockbuster. The Sandmanbut in front of the soap opera virgin river.

Even in its third chapter, this teen drama atypical has not lost its liveliness and originality, on the contrary. It is always so funny, charming and delicately written.

Finally a comedy for the general public that talks about sexual or ethnic diversity without sounding like a moral lesson or a Radio-Canada radio segment.

Teenagers and their allies (hello!) deserve this kind of quality television, which speaks their language and intertwines so-called light issues with heavier ones like sexual humiliation, the disappearance of a parent or the weight of traditions. from an immigrant family.

In each of the 10 half-hours, the viewer never feels that the writers are conveying pseudo-educational messages. The intrigues, both airy and deep, unfold effectively between a scathing joke and two tonic retorts. And the tone dances between humor and drama, without false note or misstep.

At the beginning of the third season of my first times16-year-old heroine Devi Vishwakumar is dating handsome Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet), the most eligible high school jock from Sherman Oaks, an affluent Southern California suburb.

This was the goal Devi set for herself at the beginning of the series: cool with the gang Cold, have a hot boyfriend and get into Princeton University. Devi soon realizes that dating the hottest guy in school won’t magically erase all of her problems.

The Canadian actress who plays Devi, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, has an amazing sense of comedy. More formidable still: the teenage character she defends wears different masks, allowing the young actress to show the extent of her register. She’s the sarcastic, drooling, ultra-confident Devi. There is Devi very affected by the sudden death of her father. There is the concerned and selfish Devi, who throws her anxieties in the face of her psychiatrist.

There is the Devi who lives in an American Indian home with her mother Nalini (less and less strict), her grandmother Nirmala, very attached to her culture, as well as her cousin, also in search of emancipation. All the Devi coexist in harmony in this multiethnic and multigenerational universe.

Devi’s friends, the scientist Fabiola and the theater artist Eleanor, also have heart problems. Ben, Devi’s ‘rival friend’, is still in the orbit of the trio of girls and a third suitor, the handsome Nirdesh, will code our beloved Devi’s radar of feelings.

ice cream icing my first times it remains the narration of almost every episode by John McEnroe. Yes, yes, John McEnroe, the legendary tennis player. His hue, both detached and inverted, adds even more color to this enchanting series of rainbows.

Settlers in the Gaspé!

It’s the return of Colony Inspector (Louis Champagne), mud, bugs and rudimentary tools! Great success on the History channel in 2017, the reality show the devil’s lot will be back on the airwaves on Friday, November 11 with new adventures seasoned with Gaspésie salt.


Louis Champagne in the devil’s lot

After the wood, the competitors-settlers of the Devil’s Bundle – Conquest of the Sea it will now survive near a Paspébiac fishing school in the 1930s. Prize to be won: $100,000. And it is not about depending on the current comforts, because all the challenges will run as in the time of the Great Depression.

Also in History, two new Quebec productions will enhance the fall lineup, namely town secrets (October 26), which will talk about great secrets hidden in small towns in Quebec, as well as docufiction Hell’s Angels – The Fall (December 10), about the end of Maurice “Mom” Boucher’s reign of terror. It is Émile Schneider who will camp the informer Stéphane “Godasse” Gagné.

You will also see in History new episodes of lost in the dust (August 30), from Transmission not possible (1Ahem September) and Auction fever: new generation (4th of October).

Séries Plus maintains two Quebec television series for the winter. The first derives from the novel. high demolition by Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, with Étienne Galloy, Léane Labrèche-Dor and Irdens Exantus in the lead roles. the second is called bombs and stars Olivia Palacci, Debbie Lynch-White, Sarah Desjeunes Rico and Julie de Lafrenière. Imagined by Kim Lévesque-Lizotte, bombs It will tell the torments of four thirtysomethings who fight against addictions.

Still in the Plus Series, it’s not about playing on Mondays NCIS or Tuesdays FBI. The specialist channel owned by Corus has grabbed the headlines Moonlight (August 31), red choice (September 2) and 4400 (September 2), in addition to renewing its load of episodes of Blue blood, Bull, station 19, Delighted, Last stop, the resident Y An exemplary fight.

Come on, it’s time to empty your recorders. Because new stock is coming soon!

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