Joshua Roy at the Junior World Championship |  An experience that gives confidence

Joshua Roy at the Junior World Championship | An experience that gives confidence

“It will give me confidence to have done so well against the best junior players in the world. I’ll be ready for camp in Montreal. »

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Katherine Harvey Pinard

Katherine Harvey Pinard

In just a few weeks, Joshua Roy will step into the Canadiens’ jersey during his second rookie camp since being selected in the fifth round of the 2021 draft. Except, this time, he’ll be there as the new Junior Worlds gold medalist. Championship.

At the end of the line, Roy is almost at a loss for words to describe the experience he has had in the last few weeks. “It was incredible”, she blurts out repeatedly, two days after the victory.

The Habs prospect wasn’t expecting “much” when he showed up in Edmonton with the Canadian team. He was among the replacements after several players withdrew at the request of their respective NHL teams. No pressure, he just wanted to give everything he had.

He ended up having a bigger role than expected, playing a few frontline games with Anaheim Ducks prospect and team captain Mason McTavish. He was also entrusted with important defensive missions. And he racked up eight points, including three goals, in seven games.

In other words, “it went very well,” says the main stakeholder. In the final, against Finland, he scored Canada’s first goal. After completing a control from behind the net, he pounced on McTavish’s return shot, sending the red-clad crowd into Rogers Place.

“It was one of the most important goals of my career! exclaims the young man at the evocation of this memory. It was an amazing moment. »

Roy will also remember the moment when McTavish deprived the Finns of a certain goal in extra time. A minute later, the Maple Leaf representatives scored the decisive net. Video of the McTavish maneuver quickly went viral.


Mason McTavish (23) deprived the Finns of a sure goal in extra time in the final.

“Everyone thought it was all over, and in the end it wasn’t,” recalls Roy.

“From our angle, we couldn’t see much. We knew he had prevented the goal, but we didn’t think he was stopping the puck in the air. It was after the game, when we went back to the locker room, that we saw the recovery. »

This victory in the red and black uniform is undoubtedly “the most beautiful moment” of his career so far, says the striker.

Have a “ play pro”

Last season, Roy scored 51 goals and 119 points in 66 games for Sherbrooke Phœnix and won the QMJHL scoring championship. He signed his first professional contract with the Habs. And he played his first professional game, with Laval Rocket, in the playoffs as well.

In an interview with Press At the end of the season, the youngster insisted on the importance of not “skipping a stage” for the rest of his career. “I hope to go back to Sherbrooke and try to win again,” he said of the upcoming training camp.

A few months passed, but Roy did not change his mind. Attacking spots are rare, if not non-existent, with the Canadian. And since he’s only 19 years old, he can’t play in the American League this season.

His goal, therefore, is very simple: “I just try to do well. I want to show that I am capable of playing professionally, that I have reached a play Pro. That’s the most important thing. »

It doesn’t matter if I get on the team or not. Let’s face it: you shouldn’t. That’s not what matters to me. It is very fair to do well.

Joshua Roy

Precisely, if he returns to Sherbrooke, his role will once again be very great. Roy isn’t the type to push himself, but “I want to, I don’t want to, there sure is a little bit,” he admits.

“But I can handle it. I really do not care. This year, I will not rely on the number of points I will score. It’s really going to be my game changer to have a play Pro.

“If I want to perform at the next level, that’s what I have to work on. It’s not making points in the junior that will get me playing in the NHL, it’s really having a play Pro. »

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  • 225
    Joshua Roy has 225 points in 175 games in the QMJHL.


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