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There is no construction holiday in OD

Christmas, Merry Christmas, good kisses from Fort-de-France! Yes, for addictsdouble occupancyIt’s always Christmas, the day of unpacking applications from singles who will fly to Martinique in search of a) very fresh Poppers, b) an Ernest wardrobe and c) visibility on Instagram.

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Use my promo code ODétox to get 10% off weight loss tea! Of the 18 competitors who appeared in the media on Wednesday, only one practices this very subtle art of influence – #partnership #ad – on social networks. This is the model Florence Belzile, 23, a girl at the same time “feminine and tomboyish” who has already dated actor Joey Scarpellino as well as Karl Sabourin ofOD South Africaone of the tourists who traveled to Tulum in January with the vaper Sunwing and the pseudo-rapper Senior.

There is another model in this Caribbean vintage ofoverdose, or Isaack Matteau, 24, from Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, who was also a nude dancer, they told me. This good old Isaack multiplied Zoolander pouting in front of the photographers on Wednesday and it was as funny as it was awkward.

Of course, how to escape, there is a trail of carpenters, builders, waitresses and hairdressers in this sixth season ofoverdose at Noovo headed by a beardless Jay Du Temple, who has shaved off his beard and mustache.

According to the production, the two stylists have already started cutting their bangs behind the scenes. This is Koralie-Maya (a predestined name for overdose), 22, from Longueuil, who is 5’10” and has a (classic) princess flavor, as well as Virginie, 27, from Quebec, who fully assumes her “permanent bitch face.” Hey ho, that’s her expression, not mine. Give them some blunt-tipped scissors to avoid the carnage, please.


The eight candidatesoverdose

Among the guys, Jonathan, 26, from Saint-Basile-le-Grand, single-handedly embodies all the clichés of romantic reality TV. First, his name is Jonathan as in the skit. i choose jonathan of like me. He later worked as a firefighter and a carpenter. Ding, ding, ding. His main rival is Marc-Olivier, 26, from Saint-Bruno, a Casanova-type suburban construction entrepreneur who never loses in the game of love but has difficulty parallel parking.

Two commanding heads emerged from the girls’ side. Blonde Mégane, 26, from Terrebonne, talks a lot and very loudly. Mégane runs a company specializing in the manufacture of high-end saddles. We are talking here about horses, of course, not about the other businesses that are done in private. Yes, I went down to that level in the scat gag, thanks.

Ex-girlfriend of comedian Simon Gouache, Dominique, 29, from Montreal, works as a waitress while completing her degree in sexology. Dominique kisses boys, girls, “everyone is welcome”, she assures her.

The friendliest of all seems to be the bearded Philippe, 27, from Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, also a construction contractor and a self-proclaimed “partier”. Jimy (with a single M, yes, yes), 29, from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, works as a bricklayer, loves rodeo and sings country in his spare time. More of a Lasso festival type than Osheaga, Jimy is the father of a 4-year-old.

overdose also welcomes accountant Claudia, 26, from Repentigny, who has various personalities, what do you want, she was born under the sign of Gemini. Aïssa, 24, from Montreal, is studying for a nursing degree, while hunter Clémence, 25, from Montreal, works in sales and marketing. I wouldn’t bet a Shaker case on Clemence or Claudia winning, let’s say.

To complete the cast, here is Dave, a 29-year-old Laval resident, personal trainer and boxing fan, as well as Walide, 28, a beneficiary’s assistant. No one really understood what the job of 24-year-old Montrealer Félix, a chemical process operator, entailed. One thing is certain, Felix speaks as if he had inhaled too many vapors of some toxic product.

As a bartender at Montreal’s Warehouse, 24-year-old Olivier follows directly in the footsteps of lion Kevin Lapierre and flips blondes, only blondes. And to feed the social networks of all these beautiful tanned people, the photographer Michael, 22, from Saint-Eustache, will surely not be up to the task. Michael has a stepbrother who is into drag, meet him or strut him around!


Host Jay Du Temple shaved off his beard and mustache.

Jay Du Temple will roll out the rugOD Martinique Sunday, September 18 at 6:30 p.m. in Noovo. The eight candidates will select their future suitors there in a blind ceremony.

Unlike last fall’s bulky edition, OD Martinique will follow a single adventure, without scattering to the four winds. Good idea. The villas where the participants will stay face directly onto the beach.

Calling all cupid show haters, please know that the winning couples ofOD with us (Noemie and Vincent) andDO in the West (Inès and Stevens) always spin happiness without fights and without Night Bubbles. Lady Pagaille failed her Odéfi, here!

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