Can't miss on Netflix

Can’t miss on Netflix

What to watch on Netflix these days? Our journalists specialized in TV and cinema offer you some ideas from the platform’s catalogue.

Posted yesterday at 5:00 pm

Classic Mayhem: Woodstock 99

almost a year later Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Rage, produced by HBO and broadcast by Crave, the (infamous) festival debacle inspires a new documentary, this time on Netflix. Divided into three particularly dense one-hour episodes, the series Classic Mayhem: Woodstock 99 (well titled Shit Cluster: Woodstock ’99in the original English version) fascinates us, disgusts us and shocks us.

Marc-Andre Lemieux


Interviewed in front of the lens of Amanda Micheli (vegas baby) during the first 10 minutes of the documentary, the actress, singer, producer and businesswoman declares that from now on she wants to “make films that are entertaining”, but that “carry a message”. Surprisingly, Halftime keeps both promises.

Marc-Andre Lemieux

I have never

It’s encouraging to see the brilliant third season of my first times (I have never) accumulate views of tens of millions on the Netflix platform. Even in its third chapter, this teen drama atypical has not lost its liveliness and originality, on the contrary. It is always so funny, charming and delicately written.

Hugo Dumas


disengaged is an eight-part comedy starring Neil Patrick Harris, a posh New York real estate agent who finds himself single overnight after his partner dumps him after 17 years together. disengaged,It’s a bit like sex and the city happy version. We’re in uptown New York, and it’s all about love and friendship.

Olivia Leyva

My next guest needs no introduction

It’s not the first time we’ve written it: we miss David Letterman. We miss the host and comedian so much that we often visit his new YouTube channel, where he regularly posts archives of the late show from CBS. On the Netflix show: Interviews with Cardi B, Kevin Durant, Billie Eilish, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ryan Reynolds and… Will Smith. But temper expectations of him, the show was recorded before the actor fell in everyone’s esteem by raising his hand to Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Marc-Andre Lemieux

the gray man

The brothers Anthony and Joseph Russo make a film here that lives up to the expectations they set for themselves. The feature film is two hours long, but there are enough explosions, chases, gunfights, suspense, and humor to keep us interested until the very end. No romance (other than a light flirtation) and that’s fine. This is an action movie and the action comes first until the exciting final fight scene.

marissa groguhe

the man from toronto

We can imagine how the plot will unfold. However, there are some surprises along the way. The action is not lacking and the adventures are incredible. Here is a comedy that feels good, without much pretension (but with a good budget -almost 100 million) and quite enjoyable.

marissa groguhe

Strange things

Waited for three years – it’s a loooong time – this fourth season of Strange thingsmore violent and more blood than the previous ones, it comes in format jumbo : all episodes last between 1h and 1h40. Strange things he has aged, like his performers, and his references are no longer directed at tweens. It turned into an exciting horror series. It’swhere the new villain Vecna ​​resembles the terrifying Night King in game of Thrones.

Hugo Dumas

Keep Sweet – Pray and Obey

A true crime documentary series about a cult where a despotic leader, calling himself the Prophet, marries 78 wives, 24 of them minors, and predicts the end of the world in the middle of the Utah desert? Here ! It is both fascinating and shocking, captivating and disgusting. And very disgusting.

Hugo Dumas

Borgen: power and glory

We no longer expected it, the sequel to the great Danish miniseries Borgen. Here it is today on Netflix, nine years after the last season, with its refinement, its abundant complexity, and its themes more current than ever. This fourth work really does not disappoint. Borgen: power and glory is aimed at curious and enlightened adults who have fallen in love with series like the west wing Y house of cardswith an extra sophisticated Scandinavian touch.

Hugo Dumas


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