Grant McCagg less optimistic Jayden Struble signs in Montreal

Grant McCagg less optimistic Jayden Struble signs in Montreal

We recently learned that Jayden Struble will be returning to Northeastern University for another season. This is a pivotal year in the young man’s development, as it is the last he will be eligible to play in the NCAA.

In addition, there is only one year left for the young man to get along with the Canadian. If he doesn’t do so by August 15, 2023, the organization will forfeit his rights and Struble will be free to sign with the team of his choice.

But after going through ups and downs, including numerous injuries, the most important thing for him will be to take advantage of the opportunity that will be presented to him at Northeastern. If he stays healthy, he should normally get plenty of playing time.

Grant McCagg recently chatted with the young American who is only 20 years old. McCagg spoke about the discussion he had with him about the most recent edition of the sick podcast by Tony Marinaro.

The one who worked as a recruiter with the Canadiens for a few years said he was very impressed with the young man’s physical appearance, but that he still has scabs to eat, having played little in recent years (only 73 games).

A little later, Marinaro posed THE asks McCagg: do you think Struble will sign the Canadian?

Here is his answer:

We read between the lines, so it’s hard to say. But you have to wonder if he is concerned that there is no room for him at left back. There is a lot of depth in young left-handed defenders. I feel less optimistic than him. [Struble] He will sign that it was the case of Jordan Harris.

It’s obviously unclear what exactly was said between the two men, but McCagg certainly offers a good point here. The left side of the blue line CH is full of depth.

On the one hand, there are veterans like Mike Matheson and Joel Edmundson who still have contracts for several seasons and youngsters like Corey Schueneman, Jordan Harris or Kaiden Guhle are already knocking on the door. On the other hand, players like Otto Leskinen, Mattias Norlinder, Arber Xhekaj and Gianni Fairbrother are also signed to Montreal and Laval. For their part, Lane Hutson, William Trudeau, Adam Engstrom and Petteri Nurmi could also appear in the coming years.

In short, congestion on the left, there is. Yes, some players like Harris, Leskinen or Schueneman can play on the right, but you have to admit that the competition on the blue line is fierce.

McCagg added, however, that as with Harris, the Kent Hughes factor could help. In fact, the general manager has known Struble for years and the latter is a teammate (and friend) of the Kent children.

The relationship between the two men seems to be good to the point where the defender even feels comfortable mocking Hughes.

Additionally, McCagg explained that Adam Nicholas, the organization’s director of hockey development, is in regular contact with the Northeastern player.

Finally the man behind mentioned this:

Like what happened with Jordan Harris, it’s not something they want to talk about too much. [signer ou pas à Montréal]. I am less optimistic, but I still think that he will end up signing for the Canadian.

This is a situation that will have to be watched closely this year. If Struble doesn’t have a season that lives up to expectations, or stays healthy, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see the general staff relinquish their rights. With players like Guhle and Xhekaj also having a physical style of play, their place in the organization is certainly not assured.

A lot of

– Speaking of Hughes, here he is in Newfoundland!

– Fortunately, he is in stable condition.

– That seems fine to me.

– A very close fight.

– Great season for the Capitalinos.

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