SME innovation |  Regisco: simplifying the life of the co-ownership syndicate

SME innovation | Regisco: simplifying the life of the co-ownership syndicate

Innovation: Co-ownership unions are often made up of volunteers who must learn on the job the intricacies of condominium management and regulatory obligations. It is especially for them that Regisco has developed a platform that provides a digital maintenance tracking record.

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marc tison

marc tison

The Montreal company will soon add a system of easy-to-fill online forms that will automatically generate the log book and its schedule, the first, the firm says, in the crowded environment of condo management software and services.


Kayci Ozorai dreamed of being an entrepreneur from a young age and quickly became interested in real estate. She was still studying at HEC Montréal when she responded to a job offer at a condominium management company.


Kayci Ozorai founded Regisco in 2018 with Philippe Desormeaux.

He quickly realized that this environment did not have a simple and easy-to-use tool to plan and organize the verification and maintenance operations of the condominium buildings.

To meet this need, he founded Regisco in 2018 with his colleague Philippe Desormeaux. He was then 24 years old. Regisco now employs eight people.

This was what prompted us to create a care and maintenance record, which would allow us to centralize the information within the platform, and also plan well.

Kayci Ozorai, co-founder of Regisco

“Because in the field of co-ownership there is a great turnover of administrators and managers. Therefore, there is a loss of information that incurs long-term costs”, argues Ozorai.

The tool

Regisco’s digital maintenance record facilitates the planning and recording of maintenance operations, as required by Law 16 approved in 2019.

This log book includes a maintenance program, a directory of the components involved and a record of the operations performed.

Every month, the administrator receives an email notifying him of the verifications or activities to be carried out during the month.

“At the end of the year, the board of directors can produce an activity report and show the co-owners that the building is in good hands,” explains Kayci Ozorai.


In its original version, tested and refined for a year with several co-ownership unions, the configuration of the digital maintenance log required a previous inspection and photograph of the premises.

This step will no longer be necessary with your upcoming new release.

Regisco is the first digital service book to be created from five forms, which have been tested, are super user friendly, easy and quick to fill out.

Kayci Ozorai, co-founder of Regisco

Each one is dedicated to one aspect of the property: infrastructure, superstructure and building envelope, interior fittings, services and, finally, grounds.

To facilitate the identification of the equipment and elements of the property – its type of roof, for example – these forms are accompanied by photographs of some 350 components.


Regisco Platform Overview

Form responses will automatically create an online platform with a ready-to-use interview log.

The platform and laptop were developed in-house by the Regisco team which, in addition to Kayci Ozorai, includes two engineers, an architect, and four developers.

The basic plan at $18 per month gives access to the maintenance record. The superior formula, with a cost of $25, adds the registration of co-ownership. A final formula includes an online video training of 30 lessons in seven modules on the management of condominium buildings.

The future

Kayci Ozorai participated in the Recharge program for women startup business owners last spring.

“It allowed me to interact with experienced professionals in different fields, but also with women entrepreneurs,” she says. I still have a team made up of men. »

At the moment, this vigorous team is dedicated to the launch of the service registration created automatically through forms, scheduled for the end of September.

“In the short term, we would like to create a monitoring module for the study of the provident fund, with an accounting module, to integrate the cash flow management of the unions,” he adds.

Within three years, it plans to tackle the Ontario market, which is subject to very similar requirements to Quebec.

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