Dominique Ducharme really thought CH could beat Lightning in the final

Dominique Ducharme really thought CH could beat Lightning in the final

Dominique Ducharme had a brief stint at the helm of the Canadiens, but the fact remains that he did what no team manager had managed to do since Jacques Demers in 1993: lead the CH to the Stanley Cup Final. And that, no one can take away.

After his firing, he had been fairly quiet and hadn’t really spoken to the media. That said, he recently returned to the media landscape and gave some very interesting interviews.

In addition, today we learned that he will become a collaborator on the airwaves of BPM Sports for the radio season that began yesterday.

Ducharme was also a guest of Tony Marinaro in the most recent episode of sick podcastan interview of almost an hour during which we learn a little more about the point of view of the former CH coach.

Ducharme remembers everything from last year, but obviously, the team’s presence in last summer’s final is a moment in his career that he will remember for the rest of his life. After all, even if the CH ultimately lost to the Lightning, the fact of the matter was that just being there was already very impressive.

That said, the fact is that defeat still hurts Ducharme today. He admits that he really believed that CH had a chance to beat Lightning and, in fact, I think everyone believed him too. After all, the Lightning had just played a seven-game series against the Islanders and even if they were favorites, the fact remains that the CH had played the underdog during the playoffs.

The former Canadiens head coach admits Game 2 was probably a turning point in the series. The Habs were the best team on the ice that night, and as Ducharme points out, a team that plays like the CH did in that game will win this one more often than not.

Stealing a win when you’re the loser in a series hurts.

And indeed, Ducharme admits that the course has had an impact on the team this year. The guys arrived at the training ground with dead batteries, and as the losses continued, it began to create a very steep incline to climb.

The loss of many leaders like Shea Weber, Corey Perry and Carey Price also hurt early in the season, as did the departure of Phillip Danault. Ducharme admits that he would have liked to keep him and also adds that in an ideal world, there would be no salary cap so teams could keep everyone.

We feel that you would have really liked to retain the services of Danault. It was a huge loss for the club, both on and off the ice.

Then, at the end of the interview, Ducharme returns to the hiring of Martin St-Louis, whom he had offered an assistant position last summer. He admits that he was a bit surprised to see MSL become his successor, but he knew that the latter had a good relationship with the new leaders and (really) does not blame him.

That said, he would have liked the opportunity to prove himself to the new leaders. He repeated that he would have adjusted his strategy if he had been asked to foster the development of young people, but in the end he never got the chance to do so.

In short, a very interesting interview with the former Habs coach that I highly recommend you listen to (and that you can find HERE). I can’t wait to see if we’ll see him again in the NHL one day…

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