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I don’t know if you’re like me, but after only a week I’m even more confused than before.

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For centuries, it was simple to follow an electoral campaign in Quebec. There were two parties: the reds and the blues. The reds were the Liberal Party and the blues, in turn, the Conservative Party, the Union Nationale and the Parti Québécois. We had no trouble getting our bearings. For decades, heaven was blue, hell was red, then the reds were the Federalists and the blues the Separatists. To know which side you were on, you only had to ask yourself one question, depending on your answer to Yes or No, you knew who to vote for.

But in 2022, we have five games left. Five ! When, for years, you’ve been used to doing something in pairs, then all of a sudden you get caught doing it in fives, dammit! You really do not know where to turn and the rest.

Gone are the days of two colors. We arrived with a Sico charter: red, orange and three shades of blue.

There are not enough poles in Quebec to hang all the signs. When we leave the house, we are so surrounded by big faces that it is embarrassing.

In newsletters, it never ends! First the CAQ leader’s summary of the day, then the Liberal Party leader’s summary of the day, then the Québec solidaire parliamentary leader’s summary of the day, followed by the Québécois Party leader’s summary of the day, and finally the summary of the day of the leader of the Quebec Conservative Party. It is so long that it would take us a summary of summaries. It’s not a newscast anymore, it’s a Netflix series!

Every day, one after another, we are sent dozens and dozens of proposals that we are supposed to computer as if we were an Excel file with two legs. We have a life! We not only have to do that, assimilate political programs.

Just to navigate the tax breaks, you need a GPS. While the CAQ promises to lower the rates of the first two tax brackets by 1% in the short term and reduce them by 2.5% in 10 years, while the PLQ lowers them by 1.5% for the first two levels, immediately, that the PCQ, for its part, lower the first two levels by 2%, by increasing the personal amount from $16,143 to $20,000, that the PQ not lower the tax, but send us a check for $1,200, and the QS promises a moratorium on thousands of products, tell us, which economic solution do you adhere to? Uh… can you repeat the question?

Too many options is like not enough.

Before, when you went to the market and asked for a tomato, they gave you a tomato. Now you are asked, “Would you like a sweet-tasting steak tomato, a tart-tasting cherry tomato, a lemon-flavoring green zebra tomato, a sweet-tasting Andean horned tomato, or a fragrant-tasting purple pumpkin tomato? “I just want a tomato that tastes like a tomato!” ! ! !

I can’t wait to see the debate! A five party debate is not a debate, it is an orgy. When they start to interrupt, it will sound like a good old man. 110%. Who will be Jean Perron? And the Face to face of VAT will become the face to face to face to face. Already, at two, they barely had time to present their point of view, imagine at five.

By the way, a word of advice to the five bosses: stop talking against each other. We cannot follow what you blame each of you. It is no longer an election campaign, it is OD.

at least in double occupancymake alliances, while in quintuple occupancythere is no chance that Dominique will go with Éric and that Gabriel French Francois. Disputes kill the message. We only talk about this. Use your airtime to say nice things about yourself, because other people won’t.

There are five and we have to deal with it. Still, there are advantages. The range is larger. it’s like in a boy band, you are more likely to find a member to identify with. It’s even better than a boy bandbecause at least there is a woman.

When the elections are over, we can dream that these five, in the National Assembly, join forces, instead of tearing each other apart. Each one represents a percentage of the population that is important to involve in the great project of coexistence.

They too were five years old and they made it, to sing people of the countryin harmony.

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