SME Innovation |  Turnkey decarbonization

SME Innovation | Turnkey decarbonization

Innovation: design of turnkey decarbonisation projects for industrial, commercial and multi-residential buildings.

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Karim Benessaieh

Karim Benessaieh

Design turnkey decarbonization projects for industrial, commercial and multi-residential buildings. Krome takes care of everything, from the diagnosis to the search for subsidies, through the works, with a guarantee of the costs and the savings generated.

Who ?

Sandrine Tremblay was born in Saguenay, where her father, a businessman and mechanical engineer, allowed her to go to job sites at a very young age. “When I was 5 years old I already considered myself an engineer in the works where my father took me; the future proved me right,” she says on her LinkedIn page.

He followed in his father’s footsteps and graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He later worked for several firms, including the US Ecosystem Énergie Services for 11 years, where he carried out various energy efficiency projects. “I saw a market for midsize industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, but there was no experience,” he says. It is a good niche when there is no one in a market. »

He founded Krome in Montreal in 2016. The company now has about twenty employees and manages an average of eight projects a year.

The product

Krome’s specialty is to transform the central heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems of medium-sized buildings to reduce energy bills, recover and properly redistribute heat, while reusing the materials already installed as much as possible. For example, you can switch from natural gas heating to electricity and install heat pumps. Krome doesn’t touch the insulation and doesn’t redesign the buildings. All the work is done by subcontractors, “plumbers, electricians, ventilation specialists, control contractors”: “In the environment where I work, they know their customers, their market, explains tremble. I arrive as a driver in an already established ecosystem. »

Krome also sets the final cost of the project, with government subsidies averaging 45%, and promises energy savings of around 30%, sometimes more. The small company boasts of having prevented the emission of 35,000 tons of greenhouse gases and achieved savings of almost 3 million for its customers.

It is truly turnkey. I guarantee the costs, the contractors, the subsidies, the financial arrangement. If in the end the client does not have a decrease in operating expenses, it is up to me to reimburse them.

Sandrine Tremblay, CEO of Krome

If it is desirable to build new green buildings, the reduction of GHG emissions must go through the transformation of older buildings, he explains. “Sustainable development also means recovering existing infrastructures and making them consume less with ultra-innovative projects and technologies. »

The challenges

Finding labor in this sector, workers, engineers and other highly sought-after experts, is a constant challenge. “It’s a growing segment,” says tremble.

The other challenge affects virtually every industry: dealing with strained supply chains. “If we don’t have the machines to build our projects, we can’t carry them out. There are many needs. »

The future

Instead of focusing on one project at a time, we would like to be able to propose more ambitious plans for major building owners, which could set a target for 2030, for example. The exercise would also have the advantage of better predictability, which makes it possible to overcome the various shortcomings that affected the industry.

Rare accuracy for a young growing SME, we are not yet targeting the market in the US, let alone other parts of the world. ” There are worked in Canada, says the CEO. We are good at what we do, we want to do more. »

One of the novelties that the founder of Krome feels is that financial institutions will be increasingly demanding in terms of decarbonization. “It is a very profitable investment to decarbonise a building. The carrot didn’t work out long enough, but when the banker doesn’t want to renew his mortgage, then he’ll want to make a plan. »

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