Top 12 CH hopefuls |  7th position: the ever important Cayden Primeau

Top 12 CH hopefuls | 7th position: the ever important Cayden Primeau

We have established the following order in our 2022 count so far:
12. Philip Mesar
11. Jordan Harris
10. Joshua Roy (tie for 9th place)
9. Logan Mailloux
8. Sean Farrell

Today, we’re transported into fairly familiar territory with an analysis that focuses on a prospect who has held nearly the same rank in this count for four years: Cayden Primeau.

Cayden Primeau | Last classification: 6th
Potential: 32/40
Insurance: 14/20
Utility: 24.5/30
Trade value: 7/10

Total: 78.5 / 100

It seems that we are repeating ourselves, but very intelligent who can predict the type of career that Cayden Primeau will have in the NHL. Several teams seem to have young, athletic and talented goalkeepers with a profile similar to Primeau’s, but how many will become No. 1? Who will be the elite goalkeepers of tomorrow? In recent years, Vasilevskiy has become one. After a few convincing seasons, Jarry and Shesterkin appear to be on the right track. After them? There may be some more, but as a rule we don’t rush to the gates and everything remains to be proven for most of the NHL’s “young” goalkeepers or those who are about to achieve it.

The reality is that very few become starting goalkeepers before the age of 25. And it’s just on the horizon that’s still looming for Primeau, who just turned 23.

After being one of the best goalkeepers in the NCAA and a great goalkeeper for the United States in the WJC 2019, although he had some ups and downs last season, Keith’s son remains one of the best young goalkeepers in the AHL since his arrival. to Laval. After a somewhat stormy season (no pun intended on his coach’s name), he was undoubtedly the Rockets’ MVP in the last series, which surely reassured more than one, including his own bosses. …

In terms of potential, Primeau is not the next “best goalkeeper of his generation”. He still needs to improve his movements and some other technical aspects. Mentally, though, he’s going to end up playing it all, and in last spring’s AHL playoffs, Primeau put on an important show of character.

Unless the train is completely derailed, he still has a chance to be part of the next generation of starting goalies on the Bettman circuit. In the meantime, he could start off by becoming a very good No. 2, if not this season, then next year.

Primeau was often praised by his former manager Joël Bouchard, who viewed him as a “special player”. For Bouchard, Primeau played like a pro, trained, ate and slept like a pro. Therefore, Primeau takes very good care of himself. And since he has already borne fruit, he even takes care of the planet!

In addition to his talent, which we still believe to be above average, it’s also the intelligence, character and seriousness he displays that reassures us about his future with the Habs or anywhere else in the NHL. The guy clearly has his head on his shoulders. Following in his father’s footsteps, he always knew what it took for him to become a professional. For many, it is not something acquired until their mid-twenties…

Finally, it is also that the Canadian did not have to rush his arrival in Montreal with the presence of Price, Allen and Montembeault. Some might have expected him earlier in Montreal, but with the precautions taken against him, we still dare to think that when the time is right, Primeau will be ready for the number two role in Montreal, and a real fight could begin from there. for the starting position.

According to some internal echoes, Primeau began to stir up some discontent last year when he struggled to meet expectations. But sometimes it takes a little adversity in the minor leagues for a youngster hoping to rise to the next level and that’s exactly the experience the young American was able to get last year in the playoffs at Laval after being pushed in the hierarchy of goalkeepers during the season by veteran Kevin Poulin.

use value
Time has passed and it looks like sores small and large will eventually beat Price. At the same time, the use value of every goalkeeper in the organization has risen sharply, and Primeau’s, whether or not you think he could eventually become No. 1 in Montreal, is no exception. .

Of course, the Canadian now has a few other interesting goalkeepers in his subsidiaries, including the gigantic Jakub Dobes (5me round, 2020), a Czech, excellent with Ohio State University last year, and the Dane (5me round, 2019), Frederik Dichow, who himself wowed in the Swedish second division before moving up to the SHL with Frolunda this season.

Trevor Timmins threw two darts in 5me round in 2019 and 2020, and it remains to be seen whether he hit the target or not. At this point, it’s hard to say if the potential of Dobes and Dichow is greater than or equal to the American’s, but Primeau is no longer the only one on the prospect bench in his spot as he was for a time. Both giants are certainly intriguing and have done very well since their respective drafts.

That said, the success of Dobes and Dichow in the lower leagues is good. But you must not make the mistake of letting yourself go. They’re still a long way from the NHL, and we’re certainly not done remaking the organization’s plans around them.

And having invested so much in Primeau, it’s hard to see why the organization would stop believing in him when he just had such a good series (14 games, 2.17, .936). If Primeau continues a breakout season behind what should be another pretty good Laval team in 2022-23, he’s sure to get some NHL games, especially if we plan to trade Allen after the break in his final contract year. .

If all is conclusive for Primeau this season at Laval and Montreal, and things go well at the next camp, it is not the $1 million salary awarded to Montembeaut that will permanently block his access to the Bell Center in 2023-2024.

Obviously, it is not impossible that a relatively young goalkeeper with a higher profile than his will arrive in the organization by then. Names have already been mentioned, including up-and-comer Devon Levi, recently acquired by the Sabers from the Panthers…

But the Sabers or any other team won’t give the Canadiens a young goalie with slightly better potential than Primeau for the sake of it…

Therefore, we understand that the value of Primeau for CH could change completely in the next 12 months. Everything will depend on him. If by his performances he can swallow the words of his GM Kent Hughes – who perhaps stung him a bit last spring by saying that he didn’t see a goalkeeper capable of being No. 1 in the organization – he could easily find himself in the top 4 on this list next year. If, on the other hand, Primeau stumbles or doesn’t show any progress, it may be the last appearance of him on this list.

One thing is almost certain, after four seasons of oscillating between the 5me and 7me First, there’s a good chance there will be a change in your case next year!

trade in value
Primeau’s trading value should not be underestimated. Not the next Shesterkin, he is CH’s best hope in goal and not every organization has as good a hope as him in this role. Despite this, the young American does not have that profile weird and it still seems to us a classic case in which the use value of the club exceeds its market value.

Organizations know that goalkeepers rarely reach their full potential before the age of 25 and therefore take the time to quietly develop one, two or even three good prospects in goal. The Canadian is not very original here. Except for the rare “you can’t lose this guy,” the commercial value of these promising young goalkeepers in the making remains pretty nebulous.

All organizations also tell themselves that if they ever have a short-term need to fill off the grid, there will be interesting temporary options available on the market or in waivers. Here’s how Jake Allen got to Montreal and how the waltz of second goalies continues each season in the NHL — and how others like Montembeault can band together to buy a little more time before the organization’s No. 1 prospect is ready.

In short, except for a surprise transfer that would almost certainly involve another young goalkeeper in exchange, everything indicates that the entity will give Primeau the opportunity to play in what will undoubtedly be the most decisive season of his career. All that remains is to get her to sign a contract that can tell us a little more about what she thinks of him…

La raison pour laquelle on an encore placé Primeau devant des espoirs comme Mesar, Harris, Mailloux, Roy et Farrell est plutôt simple: du lot, il est celui pour qui le CH devrait entertain le plus clairement des plans définis dans un rôle important, voire very important.

That he is second goalkeeper for about thirty games or first goalkeeper for about fifty games, all of that seems to me to have more value than players with fairly common profiles, of whom at this point we don’t really know if or if. they will not reach their full potential. With Primeau, 23 years old, and everything he has shown in his career thus far, we already know a little more about what to expect and could use it badly this season.

Although the Canadian will aim more for the last than the first place in the general classification for the second consecutive year, the pressure will be great on the best hope of the organization in front of the net.

The price is gone. Allen, who could get a first-round pick this winter, is likely to be in the last few miles of him in Montreal. And Montembeault is still just an insurance policy.

Therefore, the way is clear for Primeau. You just have to avoid going out into the field…

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